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The Translator

William Tyndale
(October 1484 - October 6, 1536)

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The screenplay for "Atonement" is currently under development and rewrites. This project is under submission to a production company for review and consideration. All inquiries should be directed to the screen writer on this blog.

A Movie About Another Time

Historical Character Biography

“The Translator”

Historical facts and background for the Screenplay
By Mark W. Roy

∑ William Tyndale – “The Translator”, (October 1484 - October 6, 1536)

William Tyndale was born in October 1484, probably in the village of North Nibley,near Slimbridge about the borders of Wales. Details of his early years, hiseducation, his family background and the other influences on him remain unknown,and probably unknowable. Indeed, we have to wait eighteen years before reliable facts become available in the registers of Magdalen College Oxford. YoungWilliam began studying at the University, at Magdalen College in Oxford Englandat the age of 12. Master Tyndale took his BA on July 4, 1512. After fourmore years William took his MA. Tyndale departed from Oxford in 1516 forCambridge. He went there for what he terms ‘scriptural reasons’, say ‘doctrinal reasons’, for Cambridge was associated with Lutheranism in a way that Oxfordwas not.

Indeed, we cannot travel to the England of some five hundred years ago without noticing many marked differences from the England we know nowadays. It is a land in which there is gross ignorance; illiteracy is the rule and not the exception. It is a land dominated by a Church which owned at least one quarter of the nation's wealth. It was a nation in which theratio of clergy to laity was something like 1 to 125. Theology was stillthe queen of sciences and academics were in the main clergy. There was a questioning spirit in the air. New learning and new questions were beingexplored by both humanists and reformers. The clergy were criticised by many,whether fairly or not, both for their lifestyles and for their lack of education.

Aboveall the discovery of the printing press just a few years earlier was bringing about a revolution which would mould the modern era. The printing press was first on the scene just 22 years before Tyndale’s birth, the city of Mentz was invaded and the knowledge of printing could no longer be kept a secretby its founders. Gutenberg had died only 16 years before Tyndale was born.Only eight years before Tyndale’s birth, a printing press had been set upin England by William Caxton. By Tyndale’s birth, printing presses had beenset up in more than 120 cities of Europe. By the time Tyndale was 32 yearsold, the Greek New Testament had been printed.

Tyndale believed that one key to true reformation lay in the wider accessibility of the scriptures. At Oxford Tyndale first began to explore the ideas which were to lead initially to his life's work and eventually to his death. To use his own picturesque language. Tyndale's oft-quoted words to a learned cleric: ‘If God spare mylife ere many years, I will cause a boy that drives the plough shall know more of the scriptures than thou dost.’

Scripture ‘maketh a man's heart glad
and maketh him sing, dance and leap for joy.’

He left the intellectual life of the university town for the sleepy village of Little Sodbury Manor where he became tutor to the two boys of Sir John Walsh a ‘Knight of Gloucestershire’ and Lady Walsh. Walsh was a famous warrior who had been knighted as the king’s champion at the coronation of Henry VIII.Tyndale remained with this household for about two years. His great workwas formed within him as the quietness and space of the manor house gave him room to study and translate the text of the New Testament. However, he was not entirely a recluse. Tyndale, who was about 36 years old when he cameto Sodbury Manor, preached in open-air meetings as well as in homes in the villages nearby, and he debated with the local Catholic priests. Every weekhe travelled thirteen miles to Bristol to preach in the open air to the crowds who gathered on College Green, close to the present Cathedral.

Tyndale’s Attempt to Translate the Scriptures in England
Afew years in Little Sodbury was enough to prepare him for the next step -to set about getting the Bible to the common people of the land. England had been very slow to have a Bible freely available compared with the rest of Europe. Tyndale traveled to Europe in January 1524 to complete his masterpiecefor the English-speaking world. The need for a translation of the Bible wasapparent to many but little had been done about it officially. He was, ofcourse, ideally equipped to take on the challenge. His outstanding commandof languages was admired by his contemporaries. Buschius, one of the scholars who contributed to the ‘Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum’ referred to him as‘an Englishman who is so skilful in seven tongues, Hebrew, Greek, Latin,Italian, Spanish, English, French that whichever he speaks you think it ishis native tongue.’ It is odd that he did not add German as well.

But,skill in linguistics alone is not enough to make a skilled translator. Whatmade Tyndale so remarkable was the quality of his translation. He benefited,of course, from the pioneering work done both by Erasmus on the Greek textand Luther in his German translation but, although Tyndale made considerable use of them, his translation remains distinctively his own. What he produced,at prodigious speed, was not only a translation that was a work of scholarshipbut also a marvellous piece of written English. It was therefore incumbent to make the Bible intelligent for people. Tyndale's passion was for scripture to speak to the soul. His knowledge of ordinary people and his ear for the cadences of language enabled him, like Shakespeare some several decades later,to produce a prose that was beautiful, poetic and vigorous.
It was partof his genius too, to invent new words when there was no adequate English equivalent available. Take for instance the concept of ‘reconciliation’.It was Tyndale who, having dismissed the other options available, coined the word ‘Atonement’ to do justice to the great act of God in making us ‘atone’ with him.

Rome was directly connected, then, with the persecutions against this noble translator from beginning to end. Tyndale’s views on the sole authority of Scripture and his bold exposure of Rome’s errors soon drew the ire of the Catholic authorities. In 1522, the 38-year-old Tyndale was brought before the Chancellor Thomas Parker, to answer for his "heretical"opinions. The Cardinal who had appointed this Chancellor was none other than Thomas Wolsey, who had been appointed Cardinal by Pope Leo X, and who wouldcontinue to persecute God’s people throughout his life.

Even after his confrontation with the authorities, Tyndale attempted to make his translationin England. Tyndale himself required a patron not only wealthy enough tosustain the enterprise but also with the authority to give permission forthe task. In 1525 he journeyed to London and presented his plan before Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of London. Tunstall was a learned, cultured and gentle manwho had already assisted Erasmus with the second edition of his Greek New Testament ten years earlier. It seemed a reasonable thing to approach suchan enlightened man. For whatever reason, he refused his help.

Tyndale quickly found that it would be impossible to complete his project in Englandbecause of the oppression against the Word of God during the reign of HenryVIII. He left determined to complete his translation outside of England.He could not have known, though he might have suspected, that he would never return to his beloved native land. He would be exiled for 12 years and then put to death for his great work. He was pursued by unscrupulous enemies,drawn into an unhelpful debate with one of the greatest men of the age, Sir Thomas More, and eventually betrayed by a friend. His gruesome death wasas heroic as his life.

A Catholic spy named John Dobneck, better knownas Cochlaeus, a man who was a bitter enemy of Martin Luther and the Protestant movement, learned about Tyndale’s efforts to contract a first printing ofhis New Testament in Cologne. Cochlaeus "was perhaps the most virulent enemyto the Word of God being translated into any vernacular tongue, who ever breathed. He not only strove to prevent the diffusion of the Scriptures,and longed to strangle every attempt at their translation in the very birth,but even gloried in his enmity to all such proceedings."

Tyndale Completes the New Testament

Tyndale had his translation of the New Testament ready for the printer in Cologneby 1525. Cochlaeus learned exactly where the 3,000 copies of Tyndale’s first printing were being completed and made ready for clandestine transport toEngland. Hastening to make use of this information, Cochlaeus reported thisto the authorities, which forbade the printers to proceed with the work.Tyndale and the man who was helping him at that time, William Roy, being forced to flee were able to get away with most of the completed sheets; and,they escaped by boat up the Rhine river to the city of Worms, where the printing was completed. The first copies of the Tyndale New Testament arrived in England in the dead of winter, in January 1526.

Being foiled of his plan, Cochlaeus then sent a description of Tyndale’s translation to religious leaders in England that they might guard against its importation. He carefully described the format of the copies he had seen at the printers before Tyndale madehis escape, and urged the authorities to be on the lookout for these. Wisely,though, Tyndale set about to print yet another edition, which was issued before the first printing was completed. That second printing, which wasprobably sent to England before the first, was made in a format significantly smaller than the first, to more easily avoid detection. Almost immediately copies began to be smuggled into England from the Continent, hidden in bales of merchandise.

After that, Master Tyndale took in hand to translate theOld Testament, finishing the five books of Moses, with sundry most learnedand godly prologues most worthy to be read and read again by all good Christians.These books being sent over into England, it cannot be spoken what a doorof light they opened to the eyes of the whole English nation, which beforewere shut up in darkness.

At his first departing out of the realm hetook his journey into Germany, where he had conference with Luther and other learned men; after he had continued there a certain season he came down intothe Netherlands, and had his most abiding in the town of Antwerp.

Persecutions Begin in England and the Destroying Tyndale’s New Testament
Catholic authorities in England forbade Tyndale’s translation; those who attempted to distribute copies were hounded and persecuted; and stacks of the printed copies were burned. Cardinal Wolsey was actively employed in hunting downand burning the "heretical" books that were pouring into England. At Cambridge,too, and in London, secret search was made for books and Scriptures, andthose found were instantly apprehended, together with their owners. Spies were appointed to locate Bible lovers. On February 11, 1526, the first pileof Scriptures and theological books was burned in London, under the approving eye of that aspiring pope, Cardinal Wolsey. That same year William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Cuthbert Tunstall Bishop of London, also denounced Tyndale’s New Testament and condemned copies to the flames. During 1526 and1527, the authorities arrested and tormented many Bible readers. "Public Registers are filled with these cruel depositions.

"The fierceness and destructiveness of the opponents of Tyndale’s translation systematically followed up and destroyed the thousands of copies that had been widely sold through England and Scotland" (Price, The Ancestry of Our English Bible,pp. 247,48). This hatred of Tyndale’s Bible was so aggressive and thorough that though thousands of copies were printed (Simms says no less than 18,000 between 1525 and 1528), only ONE complete copy. [The recent acquisition by the British Library of the only extant complete copy of Tyndale's 1526 Worms Bible was accquired for a mere one million pounds] and ONE partial copy,and ONE fragment of the first edition are known to be in existence today.

Not being satisfied with the destruction of Tyndale’s New Testaments in England itself, Wolsey and others resolved to search for books in Europe. In February 1526, Henry VIII and Wolsey addressed letters to various authorities in Antwerp,asking them to pursue and destroy all copies of Tyndale’s New Testament.Princess Margaret of Antwerp "pointedly commanded her officers to searchthe country for these books, intending to proceed in all rigors against those whom they found culpable". In 1528 the Catholic authorities in England made alliance with their fellow persecutors on the Continent to arrest the menwho were printing and selling the English New Testaments.

Attempts to Arrest Tyndale

In December 1529, a committee of bishops was appointed to deal with "heretics"and their books. A proclamation was issued throughout the land. About then,attempts began to be made by English authorities to arrest Tyndale and other men connected with the printing or importation of Scriptures. These attempts were increased in 1531, at which time King Henry VIII was fiercely desirousof capturing Tyndale. Various individuals were commissioned to seize the Translator, or to attempt to entice him back to England.

In 1530 one of the bitterest foes of the English Scriptures died. This was Cardinal Wolsey. He was put to death for treason, a charge probably well deserved from a political viewpoint, but unquestionably deserved from a spiritual viewpoint, as hehad certainly committed treason against the Word of God. With his dying lipshe continued to spew forth hatred toward those who loved the Bible, requesting the king to be vigilant against the "heretics" which had begun in the daysof John Wycliffe and John Oldcastle and were overrunning the country in hisday. Persecutions continued in England in 1530-32. Great numbers of men and women were arrested for possessing Tyndale’s New Testament and other Scripturesand Gospel books.

On March 26, 1534, the English Parliament renounced all dependence upon the "Court of Rome." The long expected break with the pope was finally made, though King Henry VIII never turned from Catholic doctrine. After this, the persecutions continued and even increased, butthey changed character somewhat. Before the watchword was heresy. Now it was treason.

The persecutions also continued in Scotland in these days.On August 27, 1534, David Stratoun and Norman Gourlay were burned in Fife,Scotland, for their faith in the Word of God. In June 1535, THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT DECLARED THAT ALL PERSONS POSSESSING NEW TESTAMENTS OR "HERETICAL"BOOKS" MUST "DELIVER THEM UP TO THEIR ORDINARY WITHIN FORTY DAYS, under thepenalty of confiscation and imprisonment". .). In May 1536, "THE READINGOF THE SACRED VOLUME IN THE ENGLISH TONGUE WAS PUBLICLY PROHIBITED."

Tyndale Is Betrayed and Arrested

Asearly as 1527 Tyndale stated that he knew his enemies would be satisfied with nothing less than his life, if God allowed it. As it turned out, it was God’s will for the faithful translator to give his life as a testimony for Christ and for His Word. William Tyndale was betrayed to his enemiesin May 1535, in Antwerp, by Henry [also called Harry] Phillips, a man pretending to be his friend, and by Gabriel Donne, a Catholic monk who was posing asPhillips’ servant.

For sixteen months the godly Bible translator remained in the cold, lonely prison. This encompassed one long winter. He was imprisoned at Vilvorde, near Brussels, for all of the sixteen months. Though Tyndale was bound, the Word of God was not. Even during his imprisonment, three editions of his New Testament were printed, as well as editions of some of his books.

The imprisoned Tyndale was convicted of heresy by the Romanist authorities under the laws of the Inquisition and condemned to die. We do know that Tyndale was condemned and burned on the authority of the Roman Catholic clergy. At last, after much reasoning, when no reason would serve, although he deserved no death, he was condemned by virtue of the emperor's decree, made in the assembly at Augsburg.

On the morning of October 6, 1536, he was brought forth or led to the place of execution. He was tied to a stake, strangled by the hangman, then consumed with fire [burned] at the town of Vilvorde. At his death crying at the stake with a fervent zeal, and a loud voice Tyndale prayed, "Lord, open the king of England’s eyes."

Hall’s Chronicle of 1548 contained the following information: "This year in the month of September William Tyndale otherwise called Hitchens was by the cruelty of the clergy of Louvain condemned and burned in a town beside Brussels in Braband called Vilvorde"(Westcott, History of the English Bible, p. 172).

The death of Tyndale did not stop the persecutions in England or the effortsof the authorities to destroy the Bible believers and their books. Two yearslater, Tyndale’s former associate, John Lambert, was executed at Smithfield in England for maintaining the same doctrinal positions as Tyndale.

The year 1546 was also that in which Anne Askew became "the first female martyr of rank or family, tormented and burnt to ashes, for no alleged crime, save steadfast adherence to the truth of Scripture" (Anderson, Annals of the EnglishBible, II, p. 190). In July she was carried to the Tower prison and torturedon the rack repeatedly in an effort to force her to identify other believers.She said, "Then they did put me on the rack, because I confessed no ladiesor gentlemen to be of my opinion, and thereon they kept me a long time; andbecause I lay still and did not cry, my Lord Chancellor and Master Rich tookpains to rack me with their own hands till I was nigh dead" (Anderson, II,p. 196). Late in the night on July 16, the sentence was finally carried out.Anne could not walk to the execution because the torture she had enduredon the rack a few days prior had dislocated her joints; she had to be carriedin a chair.

There were at least a few more books burned after this, butno other men or women were put to death in Henry the VIII’s time. Anne andher two friends have the distinction of having been the last.

Every person who has been blessed through a sound English Bible through the past four centuries owes a large debt to the humble translator who was faithful unto death. The Tyndale Bible literally transformed the nation of England.

Tyndale’sinfluence on later editions of the English Bible was immense. His was the first printed English Bible and the first translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek. Much of the powerful, direct, energetic style of the old English Bible we still use today, almost five centuries later is Tyndale’s.

The King James Bible is merely a revision of the Tyndale Bible. Comparisons have been made, showing, for example, that nine-tenths of the Authorized Versionin First John and five-sixths of Ephesians is directly from Tyndale. "These proportions are maintained throughout the entire New Testament" (Price, The Ancestry of Our English Bible, p. 251). "In the Gospel of St. Mark and the Epistle to the Hebrews [in Tyndale] there are not more than eighty words… which are not found in our Authorized Version of the Bible; that is tosay, there are not more than four strangers in every thousand words, or ninein every hundred verses" (Moulton, The History of the English Bible, p. 70).

His joy that the Bible is readily available and still a best seller would be over-shadowed by the neglect of the word. He would be thrilled to learn,that eight million copies of the Bible in Chinese have been published from 1986 – 1994, and that demand is ever increasing. He would be modestly delighted too to know that the English version behind the Chinese one draws heavily on his own translation. His pleasure would, however, be muted by the alarming and increasing ignorance of scripture by today's ‘ploughboys’ and ‘ploughgirls’in the England he knew and loved and throughout the rest of the world.

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The Gospel of St. Matthew, Tyndale Translation 1525 A.D.

Chapter 1
1 This is the boke of the generacion of Iesus Christ the sonne of Dauid the sonne also of Abraham.
2 Abraham begat Isaac: Isaac begat Iacob: Iacob begat Iudas and his brethren:
3 Iudas begat Phares and zaram of Thamar: Phares begat Hesrom: Hesrom begat Aram:
4 Aram begat Aminadab: Aminadab begat Naasson: Naasson begat Salmon:
5 Salmon begat Boos of Rahab: Boos begat Obed of Ruth: Obed begat Iesse:
6 Iesse begat Dauid the kynge: Dauid the kynge begat Salomon of her that was the wyfe of Vry:
7 Salomon begat Roboam: Roboam begat Abia: Abia begat Asa:
8 Asa begat Iosaphat: Iosaphat begat Ioram: Ioram begat Osias:
9 Osias begat Ioatham: Ioatham begat Achas: Achas begat Ezechias:
10 Ezechias begat Manasses: Manasses begat Amon: Amon begat Iosias:
11 Iosias begat Iechonias and his brethren aboute ye tyme they were caryed awaye to Babylon.
12 And after they were brought to Babylon Iechonias begat Salathiel: Salathiel begat Zorobabel:
13 Zorobabel begat Abiud: Abiud begat Eliachim: Eliachim begat Azor:
14 Azor begat Sadoc: Sadoc begat Achin: Achin begat Eliud:
15 Eliud begat Eleasar: Eleasar begat Matthan: Matthan begat Iacob:
16 Iacob begat Ioseph the husbande of Mary of which was boren that Iesus that is called Christ.
17 All the generacions from Abraham to David are fowretene generacios. And fro David vnto the captivite of Babylon are fowretene generacions. And from the captivite of Babylon vnto Christ are also fowrtene generacios.
18 The byrthe of Iesus Christ was on thys wyse. When hys mother Mary was betrouthed to Ioseph before they came to dwell to gedder she was foude with chylde by ye holy goost.
19 The Ioseph her husbande beinge a perfect ma and loth to make an ensample of hir was mynded to put her awaye secretely.
20 Whill he thus thought behold ye angell of ye Lorde appered vnto him in a dreame saynge: Ioseph ye sonne of David feare not to take vnto ye Mary thy wyfe. For that which is coceaved in her is of the holy goost.
21 She shall brynge forthe a sonne and thou shalt call his name Iesus. For he shall save his peple from their synnes.
22 All this was done to fulfill yt which was spoken of the Lorde by the Prophet saynge:
23 Beholde a mayde shall be with chylde and shall brynge forthe a sonne and they shall call his name Emanuel which is by interpretacion God with vs.
24 And Ioseph assone as he awoke out of slepe did as the angell of the Lorde bade hym and toke hys wyfe vnto hym
25 and knewe her not tyll she had brought forth hir fyrst sonne and called hys name Iesus.

Chapter 2
1 When Iesus was borne at Bethleem in Iury in the tyme of Herode the kynge. Beholde there came wyse me from the eest to Ierusalem
2 saynge: Where is he yt is borne kynge of ye Iues? We have sene his starre in ye eest and are come to worship him.
3 When Herode ye kynge had herde thys he was troubled and all Ierusalem with hym
4 and he gathered all ye chefe Prestes and Scribes of the people and axed of them where Christ shulde be borne.
5 And they sayde vnto hym: at Bethlee in Iury. For thus it is written by the Prophet.
6 And thou Bethleem in the londe of Iury art not the leest concernynge the Princes of Iuda. For out of the shall come the captayne that shall govern my people Israhel.
7 Then Herod prevely called the wyse men and dyligetly enquyred of them ye tyme of the starre that appered
8 and sent the to Bethleem saynge: Goo and searche dyligetly for ye chylde. And when ye have founde hym bringe me worde yt I maye come and worshippe hym also.
9 When they had heard the kynge they departed: and lo the starre which they sawe in ye eeste went before them tyll it came and stode over the place where the chylde was.
10 When they sawe the starre they were marvelously glad:
11 and went into the house and found the chylde with Mary hys mother and kneled doune and worshipped hym and opened their treasures and offred vnto hym gyftes gold frackynsence and myrre.
12 And after they were warned of God in a dreame that they shuld not go ageyne to Herod they retourned into their awne countre another waye.
13 When they were departed: beholde the angell of the Lorde appered to Ioseph in dreame sayinge: aryse and take the chylde and his mother and flye into Egypte and abyde there tyll I brynge the worde. For Herod will seke the chylde to destroye hym.
14 The he arose and toke the chylde and his mother by night and departed into Egypte
15 and was there vnto ye deeth of Herod to fulfill that which was spoken of the Lorde by ye Prophet which sayeth out of Egypte haue I called my sonne.
16 Then Herod perceavynge yt he was moocked of the wyse men was excedynge wroth and sent forth and slue all the chyldren that were in Bethleem and in all the costes there of as many as were two yere olde and vnder accordynge to the tyme which he had diligetly searched oute of the wyse men.
17 Then was fulfilled yt which was spoken by the Prophet Ieremy sayinge:
18 On the hilles was a voyce herde mornynge wepynge and greate lamentacion: Rachel wepynge for her chyldren and wolde not be conforted because they were not.
19 When Herode was deed: beholde an angell of ye Lorde appered in a dreame to Ioseph in Egypte
20 sayinge: arise and take ye chylde and his mother and go into ye londe of Israel. For they are deed which sought ye chyldes life.
21 The he arose vp and toke ye chylde and his mother and cam into the londe of Israhel.
22 But whe he hearde yt Archelaus did raygne in Iury in ye roume of his father Herode he was afrayde to goo thither. Not withstondynge after he was warned of god in a dreame he turned a syde into ye parties of Galile
23 and wet and dwelt in a cite called Nazareth to fulfill yt which was spoken by ye Prophetes: he shalbe called a Nazarite

Chapter 3
1 In those dayes Ihon the Baptyst came and preached in the wildernes of Iury
2 saynge; Repet the kyngdome of heue is at honde.
3 This is he of whom it is spoken by the Prophet Esay which sayeth: The voyce of a cryer in wyldernes prepare the Lordes waye and make hys pathes strayght.
4 This Iho had hys garmet of camels heer and a gerdell of a skynne aboute his loynes. Hys meate was locustes and wylde hony.
5 The went oute to hym Ierusalem and all Iury and all ye regio roude aboute Iorda
6 and were baptised of him in Iorda cofessynge their synnes.
7 When he sawe many of ye Pharises and of ye Saduces come to hys baptim he sayde vnto the: O generacio of vipers who hath taught you to fle fro the vengeauce to come?
8 Brynge forth therfore the frutes belongynge to repentauce.
9 And se that ye ons thynke not to saye in your selues we haue Abraham to oure father. For I saye vnto you that God is able of these stones to rayse vp chyldern vnto Abraha.
10 Euenowe is ye axe put vnto ye rote of ye trees: soo that every tree which bringeth not forthe goode frute is hewe doune and cast into ye fyre.
11 I baptise you in water in toke of repentauce: but he ye cometh after me is myghtier then I whose shues I am not worthy to beare. He shall baptise you with ye holy gost and with fyre:
12 which hath also his fan in his hod and will pourge his floure and gadre ye wheet into his garner and will burne ye chaffe with vnquecheable fyre
13 Then cam Iesus from Galile to Iordan vnto Ihon to be baptised of hym.
14 But Ihon forbade hym saynge: I ought to be baptysed of the: and comest thou to me?
15 Iesus answered and sayd to hym: Let it be so now. For thus it becommeth vs to fulfyll all rightwesnes. Then he suffred hym.
16 And Iesus assone as he was baptised came strayght out of ye water. And lo heue was ope over hym: and Ihon sawe the spirite of God descende lyke a doue and lyght vpon hym.
17 And lo there came a voyce from heven sayng: Thys ys that my beloved sonne in whom is my delyte.

Chapter 4
1 Then was Iesus ledd awaye of ye spirite into wildernes to be tempted of ye devyll.
2 And when he had fasted fourtye dayes and fourtye nightes he was afterward an hungred.
3 Then came to hym the tempter and sayde: yf thou be the sonne of God commaunde that these stones be made breed.
4 He answered and sayde: yt is wrytten man shall not lyve by brede onlye but by every worde yt proceadeth out of the mouth of God.
5 Then the devyll tooke hym vp into ye holy cite and set hym on a pynacle of the teple
6 and sayd vnto hym: yf thou be the sonne of God cast thy sylfe doune. For it is wrytte he shall geve his angels charge over the and with their handes they shall holde yt vp that thou dashe not thy fote agaynst a stone.
7 And Iesus sayde to hym it ys wrytten also: Thou shalt not tempte thy Lorde God.
8 The devyll toke hym vp agayne and ledde hym in to an excedynge hye mountayne and shewed hym all the kyngdomes of ye worlde and all ye glorie of them
9 and sayde to hym: all these will I geue ye if thou wilt faull doune and worship me.
10 Then sayde Iesus vnto hym. Avoyd Satan. For it is writte thou shalt worshyp ye Lorde thy God and hym only shalt thou serve.
11 Then the dyvell left hym and beholde the angels came and ministred vnto hym.
12 When Iesus had hearde yt Ihon was taken he departed into Galile
13 and left Nazareth and went and dwelte in Capernaum which is a cite apon the see in ye coostes of zabulon and Neptalim
14 to fulfill that whiche was spoken by Esay the Prophet sayinge:
15 The londe of zabulon and Neptalim the waye of the see beyonde Iordan Galile of the Gentyls
16 ye people which sat in darknes sawe greate lyght and to them which sate in the region and shadowe of deeth lyght is begone to shyne.
17 From yt tyme Iesus begane to preache and to saye: repet for ye kigdome of heve is at hode.
18 As Iesus walked by the see of Galile he sawe two brethren: Simon which was called Peter and Andrew his brother castynge a neet into the see for they were fisshers
19 and he sayde vnto them folowe me and I will make you fisshers of men.
20 And they strayght waye lefte their nettes and folowed hym.
21 And he went forthe from thence and sawe other twoo brethren Iames the sonne of zebede and Ihon his brother in the shippe with zebede their father mendynge their nettes and called them.
22 And they with out taryinge lefte the shyp and their father and folowed hym.
23 And Iesus went aboute all Galile teachyng in their synagoges and preachynge ye gospell of the kyngdome and healed all maner of sicknes and all maner dyseases amoge ye people.
24 And his fame spreed abroode through oute all Siria. And they brought vnto hym all sicke people that were taken with divers diseases and gripinges and them yt were possessed with devils and those which were lunatyke and those that had the palsie: and he healed the.
25 And ther folowed hym a greate nombre of people from Galile and from the ten cyties and from Ierusalem and from Iury and from ye regions that lye beyonde Iordan.

Chapter 5
1 When he sawe the people he went vp into a mountayne and when he was set his disciples came to hym
2 and he opened hys mouthe and taught them sayinge:
3 Blessed are the povre in sprete: for theirs is the kyngdome of heven.
4 Blessed are they that morne: for they shalbe conforted.
5 Blessed are the meke: for they shall inheret the erth.
6 Blessed are they which honger and thurst for rightewesnes: for they shalbe filled.
7 Blessed are ye mercifull: for they shall obteyne mercy.
8 Blessed are the pure in herte: for they shall se God.
9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shalbe called the chyldren of God.
10 Blessed are they which suffre persecucio for rightwesnes sake: for theirs ys the kyngdome of heuen.
11 Blessed are ye when men reuyle you and persecute you and shall falsly say all manner of yvell saynges agaynst you for my sake.
12 Reioyce and be glad for greate is youre rewarde in heven. + For so persecuted they ye Prophetes which were before youre dayes.
13 ye are ye salt of the erthe: but and yf ye salt have lost hir saltnes what can be salted ther with? It is thence forthe good for nothynge but to be cast oute and to be troade vnder fote of men.
14 Ye are ye light of the worlde. A cite yt is set on an hill cannot be hid
15 nether do men lyght a cadell and put it vnder a busshell but on a candelstick and it lighteth all that are in the house.
16 Let youre light so shyne before men yt they maye se youre good workes and glorify youre father which is in heven.
17 Thinke not yt I am come to destroye the lawe or the Prophets: no I am nott come to destroye them but to fulfyll them.
18 For truely I saye vnto you till heven and erth perisshe one iott or one tytle of the lawe shall not scape tyll all be fulfilled.
19 Whosoever breaketh one of these lest commaundmentes and teacheth men so he shalbe called the leest in the kyngdome of heve. But whosoever obserueth and teacheth ye same shal be called greate in the kyngdome of heven.
20 For I saye vnto you except youre rightewesnes excede the righetewesnes of ye Scribes and Pharises ye canot entre into ye kyngdome of heven.
21 Ye have herde howe it was sayd vnto the of ye olde tyme: Thou shalt not kyll. For whoso ever kylleth shall be in daunger of iudgemet.
22 But I say vnto you whosoever is angre with hys brother shalbe in daunger of iudgement. Whosoeuer sayeth vnto his brother Racha shalbe in dauger of a cousell. But whosoeuer sayeth thou fole shalbe in dauger of hell fyre.
23 Therfore whe thou offrest thy gifte at the altare and their remembrest that thy brother hath ought agaynst the:
24 leue there thyne offrynge before the altre and go thy waye first and be reconcyled to thy brother and then come and offre thy gyfte.
25 Agre with thyne adversary quicklye whyles thou arte in ye waye with hym lest that adversary deliver ye to ye iudge and ye iudge delivre ye to ye minister and the thou be cast into preson.
26 I say vnto ye verely: thou shalt not come out thece till thou have payed ye utmost farthige.
27 Ye haue hearde howe it was sayde to the of olde tyme: Thou shalt not comitt advoutrie.
28 But I say vnto you that whosoeuer looketh on a wyfe lustynge after her hathe comitted advoutrie with hir alredy in his hert.
29 Wherfore yf thy right eye offende ye plucke hym out and caste him from the. Better it is for the yt one of thy membres perisshe then that thy hole bodye shuld be cast into hell.
30 Also if thy right honde offend ye cut hym of and caste hym from the. Better yt ys that one of thy membres perisshe then that all thy body shulde be caste in to hell.
31 It ys sayd whosoever put awaye his wyfe let hym geve her a testymonyall also of the devorcement.
32 But I say vnto you: whosoever put awaye his wyfe (except it be for fornicacion) causeth her to breake matrymony. And whosoever maryeth her that is devorsed breaketh wedlocke.
33 Agayne ye haue hearde how it was sayd to the of olde tyme thou shalt not forsuere thy selfe but shalt performe thyne othe to God.
34 But I saye vnto you swere not at all nether by heue for it ys Goddes seate:
35 nor yet by the erth for it is his fote stole: nether by Ierusalem for it ys ye cyte of yt greate kynge:
36 nether shalt thou sweare by thy heed because thou canst not make one white heer or blacke:
37 But your comunicacion shalbe ye ye: nay nay. For whatsoeuer is more then yt cometh of yvell.
38 Ye have hearde how it ys sayd an eye for an eye: a tothe for a tothe.
39 But I saye to you that ye resist not wroge. But whosoever geve the a blowe on thy right cheke tourne to him the other.
40 And yf eny man will sue the at the lawe and take awaye thy coote let hym have thy cloocke also.
41 And whosoever wyll copell the to goo a myle goo wyth him twayne.
42 Geve to him that axeth and fro him that wolde borowe tourne not awaye.
43 Ye have hearde how it is sayde: thou shalt love thyne neghbour and hate thine enimy.
44 But I saye vnto you love youre enimies. Blesse the that coursse you. Do good to them that hate you. Praye for them which doo you wronge and persecute you
45 that ye maye be ye chyldern of youre father that is in heauen: for he maketh his sunne to aryse on ye yvell and on the good and sendeth his reyn on the iuste and vniuste.
46 For yf ye love them which love you: what rewarde shall ye have? Doo not the Publicans euen so?
48 And yf ye be frendly to youre brethren onlye: what singuler thynge doo ye? Do not the Publicans lyke wyse? ye shall therfore be perfecte eve as youre father which is in heauen is perfecte.

Chapter 6
1 Take hede to youre almes. That ye geve it not in the syght of men to the intent that ye wolde be sene of them. Or els ye get no rewarde of youre father which is in heve.
2 Whe soever therfore thou gevest thine almes thou shalt not make a tropet to be blowe before the as ye ypocrites do in the synagogis and in the stretis for to be preysed of men. Verely I say vnto you they have their rewarde.
3 But whe thou doest thine almes let not thy lyfte had knowe what thy righte had doth
4 yt thine almes may be secret: and thy father which seith in secret shall rewarde ye opely.
5 And when thou prayest thou shalt not be as ye ypocrytes are. For they love to stond and praye in the synagoges and in the corners of ye stretes because they wolde be sene of men. Verely I saye vnto you they haue their rewarde.
6 But when thou prayest entre into thy chamber and shut thy dore to the and praye to thy father which ys in secrete: and thy father which seith in secret shall rewarde the openly.
7 And whe ye praye bable not moche as the hethe do: for they thincke that they shalbe herde for their moche bablynges sake.
8 Be ye not lyke them therfore. For youre father knoweth wherof ye haue neade before ye axe of him.
9 After thys maner therfore praye ye. O oure father which arte in heve halowed be thy name.
10 Let thy kyngdome come. Thy wyll be fulfilled as well in erth as it ys in heven.
11 Geve vs this daye oure dayly breede.
12 And forgeve vs oure treaspases eve as we forgeve oure trespacers.
13 And leade vs not into teptacion: but delyver vs fro evell. For thyne is ye kyngedome and ye power and ye glorye for ever. Amen.
14 For and yf ye shall forgeve other men their treaspases youre hevenly father shall also forgeve you.
15 But and ye wyll not forgeve men their trespases nomore shall youre father forgeve youre treaspases.
16 Moreoure when ye faste be not sad as ye ypocrytes are. For they disfigure their faces that they myght be sene of me how they faste. Verely I say vnto you they have their rewarde.
17 But thou whe thou fastest annoynte thyne heed and washe thy face
18 that it appere not vnto men howe that thou fastest: but vnto thy father which is in secrete: and thy father which seeth in secret shall rewarde the openly.
19 Se that ye gaddre you not treasure vpon ye erth where rust and mothes corrupte and where theves breake through and steale.
20 But gaddre ye treasure togeder in heve where nether rust nor mothes corrupte and where theves nether breake vp nor yet steale.
21 For where soever youre treasure ys there will youre hertes be also.
22 The light of the body is thyne eye. Wher fore if thyne eye besyngle all thy body shalbe full of light.
23 But and if thyne eye be wycked then all thy body shalbe full of derckenes. Wherfore yf the light that is in the be darckenes: how greate is that darckenes.
24 No ma can serve two masters. For ether he shall hate the one and love the other: or els he shall lene to ye one and despise ye other: ye can not serve God and mammon.
25 Therfore I saye vnto you be not carefull for your lyfe what ye shall eate or what ye shall drincke nor yet for youre body what ye shall put on. ys not ye lyfe more worth then meate and the body more of value then raymeut?
26 Beholde the foules of ye ayer: for they sowe not nether reepe nor yet cary into ye barnes: and yet youre hevely father fedeth the. Are ye not moche better the they?
27 Which of you (though he toke thought therfore) coulde put one cubit vnto his stature?
28 And why care ye then for raymet? Considre ye lylies of ye felde how they growe. They labour not nether spynne.
29 And yet for all yt I saye vnto you yt eue Salomon in all his royalte was not arayed lyke vnto one of these.
30 Wherfore yf God so clothe the grasse which ys to daye in the felde and to morowe shalbe caste in to the fournace: shall he not moche more do the same vnto you o ye of lytle fayth?
31 Therfore take no thought sayinge: what shall we eate or what shall we drincke or wherwt shall we be clothed?
32 After all these thynges seke the getyls. For youre hevely father knoweth that ye have neade of all these thynges.
33 But rather seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of heuen and the rightwisnes therof and all these thynges shalbe ministred vnto you.
34 Care not then for the morow but let ye morow care for it selfe: for the daye present hath ever ynough of his awne trouble.

Chapter 7
1 Iudge not that ye be not iudged.
2 For as ye iudge so shall ye be iudged. And wt what mesure ye mete wt the same shall it be mesured to you agayne.
3 Why seist thou a moote in thy brothers eye and perceavest not the beame yt ys yn thyne awne eye.
4 Or why sayest thou to thy brother: suffre me to plucke oute the moote oute of thyne eye and behold a beame is in thyne awne eye.
5 Ypocryte fyrst cast oute the beame oute of thyne awne eye and then shalte thou se clearly to plucke oute the moote out of thy brothers eye.
6 Geve not that which is holy to dogges nether cast ye youre pearles before swyne lest they treade them vnder their fete and ye other tourne agayne and all to rent you.
7 Axe and it shalbe geven you. Seke and ye shall fynd. knocke and it shalbe opened vnto you.
8 For whosoever axeth receaveth and he yt seketh fyndeth and to hym that knocketh it shalbe opened.
9 Ys there eny man amoge you which if his sonne axed hym bread wolde offer him astone?
10 Or if he axed fysshe wolde he proffer hym a serpet?
11 Yf ye then which are evyll cane geve to youre chyldren good gyftes: how moche moore shall youre father which is in heve geve good thynges to them yt axe hym?
12 Therfore whatsoever ye wolde that men shulde do to you even so do ye to them. This ys the lawe and the Prophettes.
13 Enter in at the strayte gate: for wyde is ye gate and broade is the waye that leadeth to destruccion: and many ther be which goo yn therat.
14 But strayte is the gate and narowe ys the waye which leadeth vnto lyfe: and feawe there be that fynde it.
15 Beware of false Prophetes which come to you in shepes clothinge but inwardly they are ravenynge wolves.
16 Ye shall knowe them by their frutes. Do men gaddre grapes of thornes? or figges of bryres?
17 Euen soo every good tree bryngeth forthe good frute. But a corrupte tree bryngethe forthe evyll frute.
18 A good tree canot brynge forthe bad frute: nor yet a bad tree can bringe forthe good frute.
19 Every tree that bryngethe not forthe good frute shalbe hewe doune and cast into the fyre.
20 Wherfore by their frutes ye shall knowe the.
21 Not all they that saye vnto me Master Master shall enter in to the kyngdome of heven: but he that dothe my fathers will which ys in heven.
22 Many will saye to me in that daye Master master have we not in thy name prophesied? And in thy name have caste oute devyls? And in thy name have done many miracles?
23 And then will I knowlege vnto them that I never knewe them. Departe from me ye workers of iniquite.
24 Whosoever heareth of me these sayinges and doethe the same I wyll lyken hym vnto a wyse man which bylt hys housse on a rocke:
25 and aboundance of rayne descended and the fluddes came and the wyndes blewe and bet vpon that same housse and it fell not because it was grounded on the rocke.
26 And whosoever heareth of me these sayinges and doth the not shalbe lykened vnto a folysh man which bilt hys housse apo the sondes:
27 and abundauce of rayne descended and the fluddes came and ye wyndes blewe and beet vpon that housse and it fell and great was the fall of it.
28 And it came to passe that when Iesus had ended these saynges the people were astonnyed at hys doctryne.
29 For he taught them as one havynge power and not as the Scribes.

Chapter 8
1 When he was come downe from the moutayne moch people folowed him.
2 And lo ther came a lepre and worsheped him sayinge: Master if thou wylt thou canst make me clene.
3 And Iesus put forthe hys hond and touched hym sayinge: I wyll be thou clene and immediatly hys leprosie was clensed.
4 And Iesus sayde vnto him. Se thou tell no man but go and shewe thy selfe to the preste and offer the gyfte that Moses comaunded in witnes to them.
5 When Iesus was entred into Capernau ther came vnto him a certayne Centurion and besought hym
6 sayinge: Master my seruaunt lyeth sicke at home of ye palsye and ys greuously payned.
7 And Iesus sayd vnto hym: I will come and heale him.
8 The Centurio answered and sayde: Syr I am not worthy yt thou shuldest come vnder my rofe but speake ye worde only and my servaut shalbe healed.
9 For I also my selfe am a man vndre power and have sowdiers vndre me and I saye to one go and he goeth and to anothre come and he cometh: and to my seruaut do this and he doeth it.
10 When Iesus hearde yt he marveled and sayd to them yt folowed hym. Derely I say vnto you I have not foude so great fayth: no not in Israel.
11 I say therfore vnto you that many shall come fro the eest and weest and shall rest wt Abraham Isaac and Iacob in the kingdome of heve:
12 and the chyldren of ye kyngdome shalbe cast out in to vtter darcknes: there shalbe wepinge and gnasshing of tethe.
13 The Iesus sayd vnto ye Centurion go thy waye and as thou belevest so be it vnto the. And his servaunt was healed the selfe houre.
14 And then Iesus went to Peters housse and sawe hys wyves mother lyinge sicke of a fevre
15 and touched her hande and the fevre left hir: and she arose and ministred vnto them.
16 When the eue was come they brought vn to him many yt were possessed with devyllis. And he cast out ye spirites with a worde and healed all yt were sicke
17 to fulfill yt which was spoke by Esayas ye Prophet sayinge. He toke on him oure infirmities and bare oure sickneses.
18 Whe Iesus sawe moche people about him he comaunded to go over ye water.
19 And ther came a scribe and sayd vnto hym: master I wyll folowe ye whyther so ever thou goest.
20 And Iesus sayd vnto him: the foxes have holes and the bryddes of the ayer have nestes but ye sonne of the man hath not whero to rest his heede.
21 A nothre yt was one of hys disciples sayd vnto hym: master suffre me fyrst to go and burye my father.
22 But Iesus sayd vnto him: folowe me and let the deed burie their deed.
23 And he entred in to a shyppe and his disciples folowed him.
24 And beholde there arose a a greate tepest in ye see in so moche yt the shippe was covered wt waves and he was a slepe.
25 And his disciples came vn to him and awoke hym sayinge: master save vs we perishe.
26 And he sayd vnto them: why are ye fearfull o ye of lytell faithe? Then he arose and rebuked ye wyndes and the see and ther folowed a greate calme.
27 And the men marveyled and sayd: what man is this that bothe wyndes and see obey hym?
28 And when he was come to ye other syde in to ye coutre of ye Gergesites ther met him two possessed of devylles which came out of the graves and were out of measure fearce so yt no ma myght go by that waye.
29 And behold they cryed out sayinge: O Iesu the sonne of God what have we to do with the? Art thou come hyther to tormet vs before the tyme be come?
30 And ther was a good waye of fro them a greate heerd of swyne fedinge.
31 Then ye devyles besought him sayinge: if thou cast vs out suffre vs to go oure waye in to the heerd of swyne.
32 And he sayd vnto the: go youre wayes. Then wet they out and departed into ye heerd of swyne And beholde ye whoale heerd of swyne was caryed wt violence hedlinge in to the see and perisshed in ye water.
33 Then ye heerdme fleed and wet their ways in to ye cyte and tolde every thinge and what had fortuned vnto the possessed of the devyls.
34 And beholde all the cyte came out and met Iesus. And when they sawe hym they besought hym to departe oute of their costes.

Chapter 9
1 Then he entred in to a shippe and passed over and came in to his awne cite.
2 And lo they brought to him a ma sicke of ye palsie lyinge in his bed. And when Iesus sawe ye faith of the he sayd to the sicke of ye palsie: sonne be of good chere thy sinnes be forgeve the.
3 And beholde certeyne of ye scribes sayd in the selves this ma blasphemeth.
4 And whe Iesus sawe their thoughtes he sayd: wherfore thinke ye evill in youre hertes?
5 Whether ys esyer to saye thy synnes be forgeven ye or to saye: arise and walke?
6 That ye maye knowe that ye sonne of ma hath power to forgeve sinnes in erth then sayd he vnto ye sicke of ye palsye: arise take vp thy beed and go home to thine housse.
7 And he arose and departed to his awne housse.
8 And when ye people sawe it they marveyled and glorified god which had geve suche power to me.
9 And as Iesus passed forth fro thence he sawe a ma syt a receyuinge of custome named Mathew and sayd to him: folowe me.
10 And he arose and folowed him. And it came to passe as he sat at meate in the housse: beholde many publicans and synners came and sate downe also with Iesus and hys disciples.
11 When the Pharises sawe that they sayd to hys disciples: why eateth youre master wt publicans and synners?
12 When Iesus herde that he sayde vnto them: The whole neade not the phisicion but they that are sicke.
13 Goo and learne what that meaneth: I have pleasure in mercy and not in offerynge. For I am not come to call the rightewes but the synners to repentaunce.
14 Then came ye disciples of Ihon to hym sayinge: why do we and the Pharises fast ofte: but thy disciples fast not?
15 And Iesus sayde vnto them: Can ye weddynge chyldren morne as longe as ye bridegrome is wt them? The tyme will come whe the bridegrome shalbe take fro them and then shall they faste.
16 Noo man peceth and olde garment with a pece of newe cloothe. For then taketh he awaye ye pece agayne from the garmet and the rent ys made greater.
17 Nether do men put newe wyne into olde vessels for then the vessels breake and the wyne runneth oute and the vessels perysshe. But they powre newe wyne into newe vessels and so are both saved togeder.
18 Whyls he thus spake vnto the beholde ther came a certayne ruler and worshipped him sayinge: my doghter is euen now deceased but come and lay thy honde on her and she shall live.
19 And Iesus arose and folowed hym with hys disciples.
20 And beholde a woman which was diseased wt an yssue of bloude .xii. yeres came behynde hym and toched ye hem of hys vesture.
21 For she sayd in her silfe: yf I maye toche but even his vesture only I shalbe safe.
22 Then Iesus tourned him about and behelde her sayinge: Doughter be of good conforte thy faith hath made the safe. And she was made whole even that same houre.
23 And when Iesus came into ye rulers housse and sawe the minstrels and the people raginge
24 he sayde vnto them: Get you hence for ye mayde is not deed but slepeth. And they laughed hym to scorne.
25 Assone as ye people were put forthe he went in and toke her by ye hond and the mayde arose.
26 And this was noysed through out all that lande.
27 And as Iesus departed thence two blynde men folowed hym crying and saying: O thou sonne of David have mercy on vs.
28 And when he was come to housse the blynd came to hym And Iesus sayde vnto them: Beleve ye that I am able to do thys? And they sayde vnto hym: ye Lorde.
29 Then touched he their eyes saying: acordynge to youre faythe be it vnto you.
30 And their eyes were opened. And Iesus charged the saying: Se yt no man knowe of it.
31 But they assone as they were departed spreed abroade his name through oute all the londe.
32 As they went out beholde they brought to hym a dome ma possessed af a devyll.
33 And as sone as the devyll was cast oute the domme spake: And the people merveled sayinge: it was never so sene in Israel.
34 But the Pharises sayde: he casteth oute devyls by the power of the chefe devyll.
35 And Iesus went about all cities and tounes teachynge in their synagoges and preachyng the glad tidinges of ye kyngdome and healinge all maner sicknes and desease amoge ye people.
36 But when he sawe the people he had copassion on the because they were pyned awaye and scattered abroade eve as shepe havige no shepherd.
37 Then sayde he to hys disciples: the hervest is greate but the laborers are feawe.
38 Wherfore praye the Lorde of the harvest to sende forthe laborers into hys harvest.

Chapter 10
1 And he called his .xii. disciples vnto hym and gave them power over vnclene sprites to cast them oute and to heale all maner of sicknesses and all maner of deseases.
2 The names of the .xii. Apostles are these. The fyrst Simon called also Peter: and Andrew his brother. Iames the sonne of zebede aud Ihon his brother.
3 Philip and Bartlemew. Thomas and Mathew the Publican. Iames the sonne of Alphe and Lebbeus otherwyse called Taddeus.
4 Simon of Cane and Iudas Iscarioth which also betrayed hym.
5 These .xii. sent Iesus and comaunded them sayinge: Go not in to ye wayes yt leade to the gentyls and in to ye cities of ye Samaritans enter ye not.
6 But go rather to ye lost shepe of the housse of Israel.
7 Go and preach sayinge: yt the kyngdome of heve is at hande.
8 Heale the sicke clense the lepers rayse the deed caste oute the devils. Frely ye have receved frely geve agayne.
9 Posses not golde nor silver nor brassse yn youre gerdels
10 nor yet scrip towardes your iorney: nether two cotes nether shues nor yet a staffe. For the workma is worthy to have his meate.
11 In to whatsoever cite or toune ye shall come enquyre who ys worthy yn it and there abyde till ye goo thence.
12 And whe ye come in to an housse salute ye same.
13 And yf the housse be worthy youre peace shall come apon it. But yf it be not worthy youre peace shall retourne to you agayne.
14 And whosoever shall not receave you nor will heare youre preachynge: when ye departe oute of yt housse or that cite shake of the duste of youre fete.
15 Truly I say vnto you: it shalbe easier for the londe of zodoma and Gomorra in the daye of iudgement then for that cite.
16 Beholde I sende you forthe as shepe amoge wolves. Be ye therfore wyse as serpetes and innocent as doves.
17 Beware of men for they shall deliver you vp to ye cousels and shall scourge you in their synagoges.
18 And ye shall be brought to the heed rulers and kynges for my sake in witnes to them and to the gentyls.
19 But when they delyver you vp take no thought how or what ye shall speake for yt shalbe geve you eve in that same houre what ye shall saye.
20 For it is not ye that speke but ye sprite of your father which speaketh in you.
21 The brother shall betraye the brother to deeth and the father the sonne. And the chyldre shall aryse agaynste their fathers and mothers and shall put them to deethe:
22 and ye shall be hated of all me for my name. But he that endureth to the ende shalbe saved.
23 When they persecute you in one cite flye in to another. I tell you for a treuth ye shall not fynysshe all yt cities of Israel tyll ye sonne of man be come.
24 The disciple ys not above hys master: nor yet ye servaut above his lorde.
25 It is ynough for the disciple to be as hys master ys and that the servaunt be as his lorde ys. yf they have called the lorde of the housse beelzebub: how moche more shall they call them of his housholde so?
26 Feare the not therfore. There is no thinge so close that shall not be openned and no thinge so hyd that shall not be knowen.
27 What I tell you in dercknes that speake ye in lyght. And what ye heare in the eare that preache ye on the housse toppes.
28 And feare ye not them which kyll the body and be not able to kyll the soule. But rather feare hym which is able to destroye bothe soule and body into hell.
29 Are not two sparowes solde for a farthinge? And none of them dothe lyght on the grounde with out youre father.
30 And now are all the heeris of youre heedis numbred.
31 Feare ye not therfore: ye are of more value then many sparowes.
32 Who soever therfore shall knowledge me before men hym will I knowledge also before my father which is in heuen.
33 But whoso ever shall denye me before men hym will I also denye before my father which is in heven.
34 Thynke not that I am come to sende peace into the erth. I came not to send peace but a swearde.
35 For I am come to set a man at varyaunce ageynst hys father and the doughter ageynst hyr mother and the doughterlawe ageynst her motherlawe:
36 And a mannes fooes shalbe they of hys owne housholde.
37 He that lovith hys father or mother more then me is not mete for me. And he that loveth his sonne or doughter more then me is not mete for me.
38 And he yt taketh not his crosse and foloweth me ys not mete for me.
39 He that fyndeth hys lyfe shall lose it: and he that losith hys lyfe for my sake shall fynde it.
40 He that receavith you receavith me: and he that receavith me receavith him that sent me.
41 He that receavith a prophet in ye name of a prophet shall receave a prophetes rewarde. And he that receavith a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receave the rewarde of a righteous man.
42 And whosoever shall geve vnto one of these lytle ones to drincke a cuppe of colde water only in the name of a disciple: I tel you of a trueth he shall not lose his rewarde.

Chapter 11
1 And it came to passe when Iesus had made an ende of comaundinge his .xii. disciples that he departed thence to teache and to preache in their cities.
2 When Ihon beinge in preson hearde ye workes of Christ he sent two of his disciples
3 and sayde vnto him. Arte thou he that shall come: or shall we loke for another.
4 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them. Go and shewe Ihon what ye have hearde and sene.
5 The blynd se the halt goo the lepers are clensed: the deef heare the ded ryse ageyne and the glad tidinges is preached to the povre.
6 And happy is he that is not offended by me.
7 And as they departed Iesus begane to speake vnto the people of Ihon. What for to se wet ye out in to the wyldernes? wet ye out to se a rede shake with ye wynde?
8 other what wet ye out for to se? A man clothed in soofte raymet:? Beholde they yt weare soofte clothig are in kynges howses.
9 But what wet ye oute for to se? A prophete? Ye I saye to you and more the a prophete.
10 For this is he of who it is wrytte. Beholde I sende my messenger before thy face which shall prepare thy waye before ye.
11 Verely I saye vnto you amonge ye chyldren of wemen arose there not a gretter then Ihon the baptist. Notwithstondinge he that ys lesse in the kyngdome of heven ys gretter then he.
12 From the tyme of Ihon Baptist hytherto ye kyngdome of heve suffreth violence and they that go to it with violence pluck it vnto them.
13 For all the prophetes and the lawe prophesyed vnto to the tyme of Ihon.
14 Also yf ye wyll receave it this is Helyas which shuld come.
15 He yt hathe eares to heare let him heare.
16 But wher vnto shall I lyken this generacion? It ys lyke vnto chyldre which syt in the market and call vnto their felowes
17 and saye: we have pyped vnto you and ye have not daunsed? We have morned vnto you and ye have not sorowed.
18 For Ihon came nether eatinge nor drinkinge and they saye he hath the devyll.
19 The sonne of man came eatinge and drinkinge and they saye beholde a glutton and drynker of wyne and a frend vnto publicas and synners. Never the later wysdome ys iustified of hir children.
20 Then bega he to vpbrayd the cities in which most of his miracles were done because they meded not.
21 Wo be to ye Chorasin. Wo be to ye Betzaida: for if the miracles which were shewd in you had bene done in Tyre and Sidon they had repented longe agone in sackcloth and asshes.
22 Neverthelesse I say to you: it shall be esier for Tyre and Sidon at the day of iudgemet then for you.
23 And thou Capernau which art lift vp vnto heve shalt be brought doune to hell. For if the miracles which have bene done in the had bene shewed in zodom: they had remayned to this daye.
24 Neverthelesse I saye vnto you: it shalbe easiar for ye londe of zodo in the daye of iudgemet the for ye.
25 At yt tyme Iesus answered and sayd: I prayse ye o father lorde of heve and erth because thou hast hid these thinges fro the wyse and prudet and hast opened the vnto babes:
26 eve so father for so it pleased ye.
27 All thinges are geve vnto me of my father. And noma knoweth ye sonne but ye father: nether knoweth eny ma ye father save ye sonne and he to whome ye sonne will ope him.
28 Come vnto me all ye that laboure and are laden and I wyll ease you.
29 Take my yoke on you and lerne of me for I am meke and lowly in herte: and ye shall fynd rest vnto youre soules.
30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Chapter 12
1 In that tyme went Iesus on the Sabot dayes thorow the corne and his disciples were anhogred and begane to plucke the eares of coorne and to eate.
2 When ye pharises sawe that they sayde vnto him: Beholde thy disciples do that which is not lawfull to do apon ye saboth daye.
3 He sayde vnto the: Haue ye not reed what David did whe he was anhougered and they also which were with him?
4 How he entred into the housse of God and ate ye halowed loves which were not lawfull for him to eate nether for the which were wt him but only for ye prestes.
5 Or have ye not reed in ye lawe how that ye prestes in ye temple breake the saboth daye and yet are blamlesse?
6 But I saye vnto you: that here is one greater then ye teple.
7 Wherfore yf ye had wist what this sayinge meneth: I require mercy and not sacrifice: ye wold never have condened innocetes.
8 For ye sonne of man is lord even of ye saboth daye.
9 And he departed thence and went into their synagoge:
10 and beholde ther was a man whiche had his hande dryed vp. And they axed him sayinge: ys it lawfull to heale apon ye saboth dayes? because they myght acuse him.
11 And he sayde vnto the: whiche of you wolde it be yf he had a shepe fallen into a pitte on ye saboth daye that wolde not take him and lyft him out?
12 And how moche is a man better the a shepe? Wherfore it is lefull to do a good dede on the saboth dayes.
13 Then sayde he to ye ma: stretch forth thy had. And he stretched it forthe. And it was made whole agayne lyke vnto ye other.
14 Then ye Pharyses wet out and helde a cousell agaynst hym how they myght destroye hym.
15 When Iesus knewe yt he departed thece and moche people folowed him and he healed the all
16 and charged the that they shuld not make him knowe:
17 to fulfyll that which was spoden by Esay ye Prophet which sayeth.
18 Beholde my chylde who I have chosen my beloved in who my soule deliteth. I wyll put my sprete on hym and he shall shewe iudgemet to ye gentyls.
19 He shall not stryve he shall not crye nether shall eny man heare his voyce in ye streetes
20 a brosed rede shall he not breacke and flaxe that begynneth to burne he shall not queche tyll he sende forth iudgement vnto victory
21 and in hys name shall the gentyls truste.
22 Then was brought to hym one possessed with a devyll which was both blynde and domme: and he healed hym insomoch that he which was blynd and domme both spake and sawe.
23 And all the people were amased and sayde: Ys not this that sonne of David?
24 But when the Pharises hearde that they sayde: This felow dryveth ye devyls no nother wyse oute but by the helpe of Belzebub ye chefe of the devyls.
25 But Iesus knewe their thoughtes and sayde to the. Every kingdome devided wt in it sylfe shalbe brought to naught. Nether shall eny cite or housholde devyded agest it sylfe cotynue.
26 So if sata cast out sata the is he devyded agenst him sylfe. How shall then his kyngdome endure?
27 Also if I by ye helpe of Belzebub cast oute devyls: by whose helpe do youre chyldren cast them out? Therfore they shalbe youre iudges.
28 But if I cast out the devyls by the sprite of God: then is the kyngdome of god come on you?
29 Ether how can a ma enter into a stroge manes housse and violently take awaye his goodes: excepte he fyrst binde ye stroge man and the spoyle his housse?
30 He that is not wt me is agaynst me. And he yt gaddereth not wt me scattereth abrode.
31 Wherfore I say vnto you all maner of synne and blasphemy shalbe forgeven vnto men: but the blasphemy of ye sprite shall not be forgeven vnto men.
32 And whoso ever speaketh a worde agaynst the sonne of man it shalbe forgeven him. But whosoever speaketh agaynst the holy goost it shall not be forgeven hym: no nether in this worlde nether in the worlde to come.
33 Ether make ye tree good and his frute good also: or els make ye tree evyll and his frute evyll also. For ye tree is knowe by his frute.
34 O generacio of viperes how can ye saye well whe ye youre selves are evyll? For of ye aboundace of the hert ye mouthe speaketh.
35 A good ma oute of ye good treasure of his hert bringeth forth good thynges. And an evyll man out of his evyll treasure bringeth forth evyll thinges.
36 But I say vnto you that of every ydell worde that men shall have spoken: they shall geve acountes at the daye of iudgement.
37 For by thy wordes thou shalt be iustifyed: and by thy wordes thou shalt be condemned.
38 Then answered certeyne of the scribes and of the Pharises sayinge: Master we wolde fayne se a sygne of ye.
39 He answered and sayde to the: The evyll and advoutrous generacio seketh a signe but ther shall no signe be geve to the saue the signe of the Prophete Ionas.
40 For as Ionas was thre dayes and thre nyghtes in the whales belly: soo shall ye sonne of man be thre dayes and thre nyghtes in ye hert of ye erth.
41 The men of Ninivie shall rise at the daye of iugdement with this nacion and condemne them: for they amended at ye preachinge of Ionas. And beholde a greater then Ionas is here.
42 The quene of ye south shall ryse at ye daye of iudgement with this generacion and shall condemne the: for she came fro the vtmost parties of the worlde to heare the wysdome of Salomon. And beholde a greater then Salomo is here.
43 When the vnclene sprite is gone out of a man he walketh throughout dry places seking reest and fyndeth none.
44 Then he sayeth: I will retourne ageyne into my housse fro whece I came oute. And when he is come he fyndeth the housse empty and swepte and garnisshed.
45 Then he goeth his waye and taketh vnto him seven other spretes worsse then himsilfe and so entre they in and dwell there. And the ende of that man is worsse then the beginning. Even so shall it be with this evell nacion.
46 Whill he yet talked to the people: beholde his mother and his brethren stode without desyringe to speake with him.
47 Then one sayde vnto hym: beholde thy mother and thy brethre stonde without desiringe to speke wt the.
48 He answered and sayd to him that tolde hym: Who is my mother? or who are my brethren?
49 And he stretched forth his hond over his disciples and sayd: behold my mother and my brethren.
50 For whosoever dothe my fathers will which is in heve the same is my brother suster and mother.

Chapter 13
1 The same daye wet Iesus out of ye house and sat by the seesyde
2 and moch people resorted vnto him so gretly yt he wet and sat in a shippe and all the people stode on ye shoore.
3 And he spake many thynges to the in similitudes sayinge: Beholde ye sower wet forth to sowe.
4 And as he sowed some fell by ye wayessyde and the fowlles came and devoured it vp.
5 Some fell apo stony groude where it had not moche erth and a none it sproge vp because it had no depth of erth:
6 and when ye sunne was vp it cauht heet and for lake of rotynge wyddred awaye.
7 Some fell amoge thornes and the thornes sproge vp and chooked it.
8 Parte fell in good groud and brought forth good frute: some an hudred fold some sixtie fold some thyrty folde.
9 Whosoever hath eares to heare let him heare.
10 And the disciples came and sayde to him: Why speakest thou to the in parables?
11 He answered and sayde vnto them: it is geve vnto you to knowe ye secretes of the kyngdome of heve but to the it is not geve.
12 For whosoever hath to him shall be geven: and he shall have aboundance. But whosoever hath not: fro hym shalbe takyn awaye even that he hath.
13 Therfore speake I to them in similitudes: for though they se they se not: and hearinge they heare not: nether vnderstonde.
14 And in the is fulfilled ye Prophesie of Esayas which prophesie sayth: with the eares ye shall heare and shall not vnderstonde and with the eyes ye shall se and shall not perceave.
15 For this peoples hertes are wexed grosse and their eares were dull of herynge and their eyes have they closed lest they shulde se with their eyes and heare with their eares and shuld vnderstonde with their hertes and shuld tourne that I myght heale them.
16 But blessed are youre eyes for they se: and youre eares for they heare.
17 Verely I say vnto you that many Prophetes and perfaicte me have desired to se tho thinges which ye se and have not sene the: and to heare tho thinges which ye heare and have not herde the.
18 Heare ye therfore ye similitude of the sower.
19 Whosoever heareth the worde of ye kingdome and vnderstondeth it not ther cometh the evyll ma and catcheth awaye yt which was sowne in his hert. And this is he which was sowne by the wayesyde.
20 But he yt was sowne in ye stony groude is he which heareth the worde of God and anone wt ioye receaveth it
21 yet hath he no rottes in him selfe and therfore dureth but a season: for assone as tribulacion or persecucion aryseth because of the worde by and by he falleth.
22 He yt was sowne amoge thornes is he yt heareth ye worde of God: but the care of this worlde and the dissaytfulnes of ryches choke ye worde and so is he made vnfrutfull.
23 He which is sowne in ye good grounde is he yt heareth ye worde and vnderstodeth it which also bereth frute and bringeth forth some an.C. folde some sixtie folde and some .xxx. folde.
24 Another similitude put he forth vnto the sayinge: The kyngdome of heve is lyke vnto a man which sowed good seed in his felde.
25 But whyll men slepte ther came his foo and sowed tares amoge ye wheate and wet his waye.
26 When ye blade was sproge vp and had brought forth frute the appered ye tares also.
27 The servauntes came to the housholder and sayde vnto him: Syr sowedest not thou good seed in thy closse fro whece the hath it tares?
28 He sayde to the the envious ma hath done this. Then ye servauntes sayde vnto him: wilt thou then yt we go and gader them?
29 But he sayde nay lest whill ye go aboute to wede out ye tares ye plucke vppe also wt them ye wheate by ye rottes:
30 let bothe growe to gether tyll harvest come and in tyme of harvest I wyll saye to the repers gather ye fyrst ye tares and bind the in sheves to be bret: but gather the wheete into my barne.
31 Another parable he put forthe vnto the sayinge. The kyngdome of heve is lyke vnto a grayne of mustard seed which a ma taketh and soweth in his felde
32 which is ye leest of all seedes. But when it is groune it is the greatest amoge yerbes and it is a tree: so yt the bryddes of the ayer come and bylde in the brauches of it.
33 Another similitude sayde he to them. The kyngdome of heven is lyke vnto leve which a woman taketh and hydeth in .iii. peckes of meele tyll all be levended.
34 All these thynge spake Iesus vnto the people by similitudes and with oute similitudes spake he nothinge to them
35 to fulfyll that which was spoke by the Prophet sayinge: I wyll ope my mouth in similitudes and wyll speake forth thinges which have bene kepte secrete from the begynninge of the worlde.
36 Then sent Iesus ye people awaye and came to housse. And his disciples came vnto him sayinge: declare vnto vs the similitude of the tares of the felde.
37 Then answered he and sayde to them. He that soweth the good seed is the sonne of man.
38 And ye felde is the worlde. And the chyldre of the kingdome they are ye good seed. And the tares are the chyldren of ye wicked.
39 And the enemye that soweth the is ye devell. The harvest is ye end of the worlde. And the repers be ye angels.
40 For eve as the tares are gaddred and bret in ye fyre: so shall it be in ye ende of this worlde.
41 The sonne of man shall send forth his angels and they shall gather out of his kyngdome all thinges that offende and them which do iniquite
42 and shall cast them into a furnes of fyre. There shalbe waylynge and gnasshing of teth.
43 Then shall the iuste men shyne as bryght as the sunne in ye kyngdome of their father. Whosoever hath eares to heare let him heare.
44 Agayne ye kyngdome of heve is lyke vnto treasure hidde in the felde ye which a man fyndeth and hideth: and for ioy therof goeth and selleth all that he hath and byeth that felde.
45 Agayne ye kyngdome of heve is lyke vnto a marchaunt that seketh good pearles
46 which when he had founde one precious pearle wet and solde all that he had and bought it.
47 Agayne the kyngdome of heve is lyke vnto a neet cast into ye see yt gadereth of all kyndes of fysshes:
48 which whe it is full men drawe to londe and sitte and gadre the good into vessels and cast the bad awaye.
49 So shall it be at the ende of the worlde. The angels shall come oute and sever the bad from the good
50 and shall cast them into a furnes of fyre: there shalbe waylinge and gnasshynge of teth.
51 Iesus sayde vnto them: vnderstonde ye all these thynges? They sayde ye Lorde.
52 The sayde he vnto them: Therfore every scribe which is taught vnto the kyngdome of heve is lyke an housholder which bryngeth forth out of hys treasure thynges bothe new and olde.
53 And it came to passe when Iesus had finisshed these similitudes yt he departed thece
54 and came in to his awne coutre and taught them in their synagoges in so moche yt they were astonyed and sayde: whece cometh all this wysdome and power vnto him?
55 Is not this the carpeters sonne? Is not his mother called Mary? and his brethre be called Iames and Ioses and Simo and Iudas?
56 And are not his susters all here wt vs? Whece hath he all these thynge.
57 And they were offended by him. The Iesus sayd to the a Prophet is not wt out honoure save in hys awne countre and amoge his awne kynne.
58 And he dyd not many miracles there for there vnbelefes sake.

Chapter 14
1 At that tyme Herod the tetrarcha hearde of the fame of Iesu
2 and sayde vnto his servautes: This is Ihon ye baptist. He is risen agayne from deeth and therfore are soche myracles wrought by him.
3 For Herod had taken Ihon and bounde him and put him in preson for Herodias sake his brother Philips wyfe.
4 For Ihon sayde vnto him: Yt is not lawfull for the to have her.
5 And when he wold have put him to deeth he feared the people because they counted him as a prophet.
6 But when Herodes birth daye was come the doughter of Herodias daunsed before them and pleased Herod.
7 Wherfore he promised wt an oth that he wolde geve hir whatsoever she wolde axe.
8 And she beinge informed of her mother before sayde: geve me here Ihon baptistes heed in a platter.
9 And ye kynge sorowed. Neverthelesse for his othes sake and for their sakis which sate also at ye table he comaunded yt to be geven hir:
10 and sent and beheeded Ihon in the preson
11 and his heed was brought in a platter and geven to the damsell and she brought it to her mother.
12 And his disciples came and toke vp his body and buryed it: and went and tolde Iesus.
13 When Iesus hearde that he departed thence by shippe in to a desert place out of ye waye. And when the people had hearde therof they folowed him afote out of their cities.
14 And Iesus went forth and sawe moche people and his herte did melte vpon them and he healed of them those that were sicke.
15 When even was come his disciples came to him sayinge. This is a deserte place and the daye is spent: let the people departe yt they maye go into ye tounes and bye them vytayllis.
16 But Iesus sayde vnto them. They have no neade to go awaye. Geve ye the to eate.
17 Then sayde they vnto him: we have here but .v. loves and two fysshes.
18 And he sayde: bringe the hyther to me.
19 And he comaunded ye people to syt downe on ye grasse: and toke ye .v. loves and the .ii. fysshes and loked vp to heven and blessed and brake and gave the loves to his disciples and the disciples gave them to ye people.
20 And they dyd all eate and were suffised. And they gadered vp of ye gobbetes that remayned vii. basketes full.
21 And they yt ate werein nobre about .v.M. men besyde wemen and chyldren.
22 And strayght waye Iesus made his disciples enter into a shippe and to goo over before him whill he sent ye people awaye.
23 And assone as he had sent the people awaye he went vp into a moutayne alone to praye. And when nyght was come he was there himsilf alone.
24 And the shippe was now in the middes of the see and was toost with waves for it was a cotrary wynde.
25 In the fourthe watche of ye night Iesus came vnto them walkynge on the see.
26 And when his disciples sawe him walkynge on the see they were troubled sayinge: it is some spirite and cryed out for feare.
27 And streyght waye Iesus spake vnto them sayinge: be of god cheare it is I be not afrayed.
28 Peter answered him and sayde: master if thou be he bid me come vnto the on the water.
29 And he sayde come. And when Peter was come doune out of ye shippe he walked on ye water to go to Iesus.
30 But when he sawe a myghty wynde he was afrayed. And as he beganne to synke he cryed sayinge: master save me.
31 And immediatly Iesus stretched forth his hode and caught him and sayde to him: O thou of lytell faith wherfore diddest thou dout?
32 And assone as they were come in to ye shippe ye wynde ceassed.
33 Then they that were in the shippe came and worshipped him sayinge: of a truth thou arte ye sonne of God.
34 And when they were come over they went in to ye londe of Genazareth.
35 And when ye men of yt place had knowledge of him they sent out in to all yt countre rounde about and brought vnto him all that were sicke
36 and besought him that they myght touche the hemme of his vesture only. And as many as touched it were made safe.

Chapter 15
1 Then came to Iesus scribes and pharises from Ierusalem sayinge:
2 why do thy disciples transgresse the tradicios of ye elders? for they wesshe not their hondes when they eate breed.
3 He answered and sayde vnto them: why do ye also transgresse ye comaundment of God thorowe youre tradicions?
4 For God comaunded sayinge: honoure thy father and mother and he that cursseth father or mother shall suffer deeth.
5 But ye saye every ma shall saye to his father or mother: That which thou desyrest of me to helpe ye with: is geven God:
6 and so shall he not honoure his father or his mother. And thus haue ye made yt the comaundment of God is with out effecte through youre tradicios.
7 Ypocrites well prophesyed of you Esay sayinge:
8 This people draweth nye vnto me with their mouthes and honoureth me with their lippes howbe it their hertes are farre from me:
9 but in vayne they worshippe me teachinge doctrines whiche are nothing but mens precepts.
10 And he called the people vnto him and sayde to them: heare and vnderstande.
11 That which goeth into the mouth defyleth not ye man: but that which commeth out of the mouth defyleth the man.
12 Then came his disciples and sayde vnto him. Perceavest thou not how that the pharises are offended in hearinge thys sayinge?
13 He answered and sayde: all plantes which my hevely father hath not planted shalbe plucked vp by the rotes.
14 Let them alone they be the blynde leaders of the blynde. If the blynde leede the blynde boothe shall fall into the dyche.
15 Then answered Peter and sayd to him: declare vnto vs this parable.
16 Then sayde Iesus: are ye yet with oute vnderstondinge?
17 perceave ye not that what soever goeth in at the mouth descendeth doune in to the bely and is cast out into the draught?
18 But those thingis which procede out of the mouth come from the herte and they defyle the man.
19 For out of the herte come evyll thoughtis murder breakyng of wedlocke whordo theefte falce witnes berynge blasphemye.
20 These are the thingis which defyle a man. But to eate with vnwesshen hondes defyleth not a man.
21 And Iesus went thence and departed in to the costis of Tyre and Sidon.
22 And beholde a woman which was a Cananite came out of ye same coostis and cryed vnto him sayinge: have mercy on me Lorde the sonne of David my doughter is pytiously vexed with a devyll.
23 And he gave her never a worde to answer. Then came to him his disciples and besought him sayinge: sende her awaye for she foloweth vs cryinge.
24 He answered and sayde: I am not sent but vnto ye loost shepe of ye housse of Israel.
25 Then she came and worshipped him sayinge: master helpe me.
26 He answered and sayde: it is not good to take the chyldrens breed and to cast it to whelpes.
27 She answered and sayde: truthe Lorde: neverthelesse the whelpes eate of the cromes which fall from their masters table.
28 Then Iesus answered and sayde vnto her. O woman greate is thy faith be it to the even as thou desyrest. And her doughter was made whole even at that same houre.
29 Then Iesus went awaye from thence and came nye vnto the see of Galile and went vp in to a mountayne and sat doune there.
30 And moche people came vnto him havinge with the halt blynde domme maymed and other many: and cast them doune at Iesus fete. And he healed them
31 in so moche that the people wondred to se the dome speake the maymed whole the halt to go and ye blynde to se. And they glorified the God of Israel.
32 Then Iesus called his disciples to him and sayde: I have compassion on ye people becau se they have cotynued with me now .iii. dayes and have nought to eate: and I wyll not let them departe fastinge leste they perisshe in ye waye.
33 And his disciples sayd vnto him: whece shuld we get so moche breed in ye wildernes as shuld suffise so greate a multitude?
34 And Iesus sayde vnto them: how many loves have ye? And they sayde: seven and a feawe litle fysshes.
35 And he comaunded ye people to syt doune on ye grounde:
36 and toke the seven loves and the fysshes and gave thankes and brake them and gave to his disciples and the disciples gave them to the people.
37 And they dyd all eate and were suffised. And they toke vp of the broke meate that was lefte .vii. basketes full.
38 And yet they that ate were .iiii.M. men besyde wemen and chyldren.
39 And he sent awaye the people and toke shippe and came into the parties of Magdala.

Chapter 16
1 Then came the pharises and saduces and did tempte him desyringe him to shewe them some signe from heve.
2 He answered and sayde vnto the. At even ye saye we shall have fayre wedder and yt because ye skye is reed:
3 and in the morninge ye saye to daye shalbe foule wedder and that because the skye is cloudy and reed. O ye ypocrites ye can discerne ye fassion of the skye: and can ye not discerne ye signes of the tymes?
4 The frowarde nacion and advoutrous seketh a signe and there shall non other signe be geven vnto them but the signe of the prophet Ionas. So lefte he them and departed.
5 And when his disciples were come to the other side of the water they had forgotte to take breed with the.
6 Then Iesus sayd vnto them: Take hede and beware of the leve of ye Pharises and of ye Saduces.
7 And they thought in them selves sayinge: because we have brought no breed with vs.
8 When Iesus vnderstode that he sayd vnto the. O ye of lytell faith why are youre mindes cumbred because ye have brought no breed?
9 Do ye not yet perceave nether remeber those .v. loves when there were .v.M. men and how many baskettes toke ye vp?
10 Nether the .vii. loves when there were .iiiii.M. and how many baskettes toke ye vp?
11 Why perceave ye not then yt I spake not vnto you of breed whe I sayde beware of the leven of the Pharises and of the Saduces?
12 The vnderstode they how that he bad not them beware of the leven of breed: but of the doctrine of the Pharises and of the Saduces.
13 When Iesus cam in to the costes of the cite which is called Cesarea Philippi he axed his disciples sayinge: whom do men saye yt I the sonne of ma am?
14 They saide some saye yt thou arte Ihon Baptist some Helias some Ieremias or one of ye prophetes.
15 He sayde vnto the: but who saye ye yt I am?
16 Simo Peter answered and sayde: Thou arte Christ ye sonne of the lyvinge God.
17 And Iesus answered and sayde to him: happy arte thou Simon the sonne of Ionas for fleshe and bloud hath not opened vnto the yt but my father which is in heve.
18 And I saye also vnto the yt thou arte Peter: and apon this rocke I wyll bylde my congregacion. And the gates of hell shall not prevayle ageynst it.
19 And I wyll geve vnto the the keyes of the kyngdom of heven: and whatsoever thou byndest vpon erth shall be bounde in heven: and whatsoever thou lowsest on erthe shalbe lowsed in heven.
20 Then he charged his disciples yt they shulde tell no man yt he was Iesus Christ.
21 From yt tyme forth Iesus began to shewe vnto his disciples how yt he must go vnto Ierusalem and suffer many thinges of ye Elders and of ye hye prestes and of the scribes and must be killed and ryse agayne ye thirde daye.
22 But Peter toke him asyde and began to rebuke him sayinge: master faver thy sylfe this shall not come vnto the.
23 Then tourned he aboute and sayde vnto Peter: come after me Satan thou offendest me because thou sauourest not godly thinges but wordly thinges
24 Iesus then sayde to his disciples. If eny man wyll folowe me leet him forsake him sylfe and take vp his crosse and folowe me.
25 For who soever wyll save his lyfe shall loose it. And whosoever shall loose his lyfe for my sake shall fynde it.
26 What shall it proffet a man though he shulde wynne all the whoole worlde: yf he loose his owne soule? Or els what shall a man geve to redeme his soule agayne with all?
27 For the sonne of man shall come in the glory of his father wt his angels: and then shall he rewarde every man accordinge to his dedes.
28 Verely I saye vnto you some ther be amonge them that here stonde which shall not taste of deeth tyll they shall have sene the sonne of man come in his kyngdomen.

Chapter 17
1 And after. vi. dayes Iesus toke Peter and Iames and Ihon his brother and brought them vp into an hye mountayne out of the waye
2 and was transfygured before them: and his face did shyne as the sunne and his clothes were as whyte as the light.
3 And beholde ther appered vnto the Moses and Helyas talkinge with him.
4 Then answered Peter and sayde to Iesus: master here is good beinge for vs. If thou wylt leet vs make here .iii. tabernacles one for the and one for Moses and one for Helyas.
5 Whyll he yet spake beholde a bright cloude shadowed them. And beholde there came a voyce out of ye cloude sayinge: this is my deare sonne in whom I delite heare him.
6 And when the disciples hearde that they fell on their faces and were soore afrayed.
7 And Iesus came and touched them and sayde: aryse and be not afrayed.
8 And when they looked vp they saw no man saue Iesus onely.
9 And as they came doune from the mountayne Iesus charged them sayinge: se yt ye shewe the vision to no man vntyll the sonne of man be rysen ageyne from deeth.
10 And his disciples axed of him sayinge: Why then saye the scribes yt Helyas muste fyrst come?
11 Iesus answered and sayd vnto them: Helyas shall fyrst come and restore all thinges.
12 And I saye vnto you yt Helyas is come alredy and they knewe him not: but have done vnto him whatsoever they lusted. In lyke wyse shall also the sonne of man suffre of the.
13 Then ye disciples perceaved that he spake vnto them of Ihon baptist.
14 And when they were come to ye people ther cam to him a certayne man and kneled doune to him and sayde:
15 Master have mercy on my sonne for he is franticke: and is sore vexed. And oft tymes he falleth into the fyre and oft into ye water
16 And I brought him to thy disciples and they coulde not heale him.
17 Iesus answered and sayde: O generacion faythles and croked: how longe shall I be with you? how longe shall I suffre you? bring him hidder to me.
18 And Iesus rebuked the devyll and he ca out of him. And ye child was healed even yt same houre.
19 Then came the disciples to Iesus secretly and sayde: Why could not we cast him out?
20 Iesus sayd vnto the: Because of youre vnbelefe For I saye veryly vnto you: yf ye had faythe as a grayne of musterd seed ye shuld saye vnto this moutayne remove hence to yonder place and he shuld remove: nether shuld eny thinge be vnpossible for you to do.
21 How be it this kynde goeth not oute but by prayer and fastinge.
22 As they passed the tyme in Galile Iesus sayde vnto them: the sonne of man shalbe betrayed into the hondes of men
23 and they shall kill him and the thyrd daye he shall ryse agayne. And they sorowed greatly.
24 And when they were come to Capernau they yt were wont to gadre poll money came to Peter and sayde: Doth youre master paye tribute?
25 He sayd: ye. And when he was come into the house Iesus spake fyrst to him saying What thinkest thou Simon? of whome do ye kynges of the erth take tribute or poll money? of their chyldren or of straungers?
26 Peter sayde vnto him: of straungers. Then sayd Iesus vnto him agayne: Then are the chyldren fre.
27 Neverthelesse lest we shuld offende the: goo to ye see and cast in thyne angle and take the fysshe yt fyrst cometh vp: and when thou hast opened his mouthe thou shalt fynde a pece of twentie pence: yt take and paye for me and the.

Chapter 18
1 The same tyme the disciples came vnto Iesus saying: who is ye greatest in the kyngdome of heve?
2 Iesus called a chylde vnto him and set him in the middes of them:
3 and sayd. Verely I say vnto you: except ye tourne and become as chyldren ye cannot enter into the kyngdom of heven.
4 Whosoever therfore humble him sylfe as this chylde the same is the greatest in ye kyngdome of heve.
5 And who soever receaveth suche a chylde in my name receaveth me.
6 But whosoever offende one of these lytelons which beleve in me: it were better for him that a milstone were hanged aboute his necke and that he were drouned in the depth of the see.
7 Wo be vnto the world because of offences. How be it it cannot be avoided but yt offences shalbe geven. Neverthelesse woo be to ye man by who the offence cometh.
8 Wherfore yf thy honde or thy fote offende the cut him of and cast him from the. It ys better for the to enter into lyfe halt or maymed rather then thou shuldest havinge two hondes or two fete be cast into everlasting fyre.
9 And yf also thyne eye offende the plucke him oute and caste him from the. It is better for the to enter into lyfe with one eye then havyng two eyes to be cast into hell fyre.
10 Se that ye despise not one of these litelons. For I saye vnto you yt in heven their angels alwayes behold the face of my father which is in heven.
11 Ye and the sonne of man is come to saue that which is lost.
12 How thinke ye? Yf a man have an hondred shepe and one of them be gone astray dothe he not leve nynty and nyne in ye moutains and go and seke that one which is gone astray?
13 If it happen that he fynd him veryly I say vnto you: he reioyseth more of that shepe then of the nynty and nyne which went not astray.
14 Even so it is not the wyll of youre father in heven that one of these lytelons shulde perishe.
15 Moreover yf thy brother treaspace agenst the. Go and tell him his faute betwene him and the alone. Yf he heare the thou hast wone thy brother:
16 But yf he heare the not then take yet with the one or two that in the mouth of two or thre witnesses all thinges maye be stablisshed.
17 If he heare not them tell it vnto the congregacion. If he heare not ye congregacion take him as an hethen man and as a publican.
18 Verely I say vnto you what soever ye bynde on erth shalbe bounde in heven. And what soever ye lowse on erth shalbe lowsed in heven.
19 Agayn I say vnto you that yf two of you shall agre in erth apon eny maner thynge what soever they shall desyre: it shalbe geven them of my father which is in heven.
20 For where two or thre are gathered togedder in my name there am I in the myddes of them.
21 Then came Peter to him and sayde: master howe ofte shall I forgeve my brother yf he synne agaynst me seven tymes?
22 Iesus sayd vnto him: I saye not vnto the seven tymes: but seventy tymes seven tymes.
23 Therfore is ye kingdome of heven lykened vnto a certayne kynge which wolde take a countis of his servauntis.
24 And when he had begone to recken one was broughte vnto him whiche ought him ten thousande talentis:
25 whome be cause he had nought to paye his master commaunded him to be solde and his wyfe and his chyldren and all that he had and payment to be made.
26 The servaunt fell doune and besought him sayinge: Sir geve me respyte and I wyll paye it every whit.
27 Then had the Lorde pytie on that servaunt and lowsed him and forgave him the det.
28 And ye sayde servaut wet oute and founde one of his felowes which ought him an hundred pence and leyed hondes on him and toke him by the throote sayinge: paye me yt thou owest.
29 And his felowe fell doune and besought him sayinge: have pacience with me and I wyll paye the all.
30 And he wolde not but went and cast him into preson tyll he shulde paye the det.
31 When his other felowes sawe what was done they were very sory and came and tolde vnto their lorde all yt had happened.
32 Then his lorde called him and sayde vnto him. O evyll servaut I forgave the all that det because thou prayedst me: was it not mete also yt thou
33 shuldest have had copassion on thy felow even as I had pitie on ye?
34 And his lorde was wrooth and delyuered him to the iaylers tyll he shnld paye all that was due to him.
35 So lyke wyse shall my hevenly father do vnto you except ye forgeve with youre hertes eache one to his brother their treaspases.

Chapter 19
1 And it came to passe when Iesus had fynisshed those sayinges he gat him from Galile and came into the coostes of Iewry beyonde Iordan
2 and moche people folowed him and he healed them theare.
3 Then came vnto him the pharises temtinge him and sayinge to him: Ys it lawfull for a man to put awaye his wyfe for all maner of causes?
4 He answered and sayd vnto them: Have ye not redde how that he which made man at the beginninge made them man and woman
5 and sayde: for this thinge shall a ma leve father and mother and cleve vnto his wyfe and they twayne shalbe one flesshe.
6 Wherfore now are they not twayne but one flesshe. Let not man therfore put a sunder that which God hath cuppled to gedder.
7 The sayde they to him: why did Moses comaunde to geve a testimoniall of divorsemet and to put hyr awaye?
8 He sayde vnto them: Moses because of the hardnes of youre hertes suffred you to put awaye youre wyfes: But from ye beginnynge it was not so.
9 I saye therfore vnto you whosoever putteth awaye his wyfe (except it be for fornicacion) and maryeth another breaketh wedlocke. And whosoever maryeth her which is divorsed doeth commyt advoutry.
10 Then sayde his disciples to him: yf the mater be so betwene man and wyfe then is it not good to mary.
11 He sayde vnto them: all me can not awaye with that sayinge save they to whom it is geve.
12 Ther are chaste which were so borne out of their mothers belly. And ther are chaste which be made of men. And ther be chaste which have made them selves chaste for the kyngdome of heves sake. He that can take it let him take it.
13 Then were brought to him yonge chyldre that he shuld put his hondes on them and praye And the disciples rebuked them.
14 But Iesus sayde: suffre the chyldren and forbid them not to come to me: for of suche is the kyngdome of heven.
15 And when he had put his hondes on them he departed thence.
16 And beholde one came and sayde vnto him: good master what good thinge shall I do that I maye have eternall lyfe?
17 He sayde vnto him: why callest thou me good? there is none good but one and that is God. But yf thou wylt entre in to lyfe kepe the commaundementes.
18 The other sayde to him Which? And Iesus sayde: breake no wedloke kill not steale not: beare not falce witnes:
19 honoure father and mother: and love thyne neighbour as thy sylfe.
20 And the younge man sayde vnto him: I have observed all these thingis from my youth what lacke I yet?
21 And Iesus sayde vnto him yf thou wylt be perfecte goo and sell that thou hast and geve it to the povre and thou shalt have treasure in heven and come and folowe me.
22 When ye younge ma hearde yt sayinge he wet awaye mourninge. For he had greate possessions.
23 Then Iesus sayde vnto his disciples: Verely I saye vnto you: yt is harde for a ryche ma to enter into ye kyngdome of heaven.
24 And moreover I saye vnto you: it is easier for a camell to go through the eye of a nedle then for a ryche man to enter into the kyngdome of God.
25 When his disciples hearde that they were excedingly amased sayinge: who then can be saved?
26 Iesus behelde the and sayde vnto them: with men this is vnpossible but with God all thinges are possible.
27 Then answered Peter and sayde to him: Beholde we have forsaken all and folowed the what shall we have?
28 Iesus sayde vnto them: verely I saye to you: when the sonne of man shall syt in ye seate of his maieste ye which folowe me in ye seconde generacion shall syt also vpon .xii. seates and iudge ye .xii. tribes of Israel.
29 And whosoever forsaketh housses or brethren or systers other father or mother or wyfe or chyldren or landes for my names sake ye same shall receave an hundred folde and shall inheret everlastynge lyfe.
30 Many that are fyrste shalbe laste and the laste shalbe fyrste.

Chapter 20
1 For the kyngdome of heven ys lyke vnto an houssholder which went out erly in the morninge to hyre labourers into hys vyneyarde.
2 And he agreed wt the labourers for a peny a daye and sent them into his vyneyarde.
3 And he went out about the thyrde houre and sawe other stonding ydell in the marketplace
4 and sayd vnto them go ye also into my vyneyarde: and whatsoever is right I will geve you. And they went there waye.
5 Agayne he wet out about the sixte and nynthe houre and dyd lyke wyse.
6 And he went out aboute the eleventhe houre and founde other stondynge ydell and sayde vnto them: Why stonde ye here all the daye ydell?
7 They sayde vnto hym: because no man hath hyred vs. He sayde to them: goo ye alsoo into my vyneyarde and whatsoever is right that shall ye receave.
8 When even was come the lorde of the vyneyarde sayde vnto hys steward: call the labourers and geve them their hyre beginnyng at ye laste tyll thou come to ye fyrste.
9 And they whiche were hyred aboute the eleventhe houre came and receaved every man a peny.
10 Then came ye fyrst supposyng yt they shuld receave moare: and they likewyse receaved every man a peny.
11 And when they had receaved it they murmured agaynst the good man of the housse
12 saying: These laste have wrought but one houre and thou hast made them equall vnto vs which have born ye burthe and heet of the daye.
13 He answered to one of the sayinge: frende I do the no wronge: dyddest thou not agre wt me for a peny?
14 Take that which is thy duty and go thy waye. I will geve vnto this last as moche as to the.
15 Ys it not lawfull for me to do as me listeth with myne awne? Ys thyne eye evyll because I am good?
16 Soo the laste shalbe fyrste and the fyrste shalbe laste. For many are called and feawe be chosen.
17 And Iesus ascended to Ierusalem and toke the .xii. disciples a parte in the waye and sayde to the.
18 Beholde we goo vp to Ierusalem and the sonne of ma shalbe betrayed vnto ye chefe prestes and vnto the scribes and they shall condene him to deeth
19 and shall delyvre him to the getils to be mocked to be scourged and to be crucified: and ye thyrd daye he shall ryse agayne.
20 Then came to hym the mother of zebedes chyldren with her sonnes worshippynge him and desyringe a certayne thinge of him.
21 And he sayd vnto her: what wilt thou have? She sayde vnto him: Gravnte that these my two sonnes may sit ye one on thy right hond and the other on ye lifte hond in thy kyngdome.
22 Iesus answered and sayd: Ye wot not what ye axe. Are ye able to drynke of the cuppe yt I shall drynke of and to be baptised wt the baptyme that I shalbe baptised with? They answered to him that we are.
23 And he sayd vnto the: Ye shall drinke of my cvp and shalbe baptised with the baptyme that I shalbe baptised with. But to syt on my ryght hond and on my lyst hond is not myne to geve: but to them for whom it is prepared of my father.
24 And when the ten hearde this they disdayned at ye two brethre:
25 But Iesus called them vnto him and sayde: Ye knowe yt the lordes of the gentyls have dominacio over them. And they that are great exercise power over the.
26 It shall not be so amoge you. But whosoever wyll be greate amoge you let him be youre minister:
27 and whosoever wil be chefe let him be youre servaut
28 eve as the sonne of man came not to be ministred vnto but to minister and to geve his lyfe for the redempcion of many.
29 And as they departed fro Hierico moche people folowed him.
30 And beholde two blinde men sittinge by ye waysyde whe they hearde Iesus passe by cryed sayinge: Thou Lorde ye sonne of David have mercy on vs.
31 And ye people rebuked them be cause they shulde holde their peace. But they cryed ye moare sayinge: have mercy on vs thou Lorde which arte ye sonne of David.
32 Then Iesus stode styll and called the and sayde: what will ye that I shulde do to you:
33 They sayd to him: Lorde that oure eyes maye be opened.
34 Iesus had copassion on the and touched their eyes. And immediatly their eyes receaved syght. And they folowed him.

Chapter 21
1 When they drewe neye vnto Ierusalem and were come to Betphage vnto mounte olivete: then sent Iesus two of his disciples
2 saiynge to the. Go in to the toune that lyeth over agaynste you and anone ye shall fynde an asse bounde and her colte with her: lose them and bringe them vnto me.
3 And if eny man saye ought vnto you saye ye yt the lorde hath neade of them: and streyght waye he will let them go.
4 All this was done to fulfyll that which was spoken by the Prophet sayinge:
5 Tell ye the doughter of Sion: beholde thy kynge cometh vnto the meke and sittinge vpon an asse and a colte the fole of an asse vsed to the yooke.
6 The disciples went and dyd as Iesus comaunded them
7 and brought ye asse and the colte and put on them their clothes and set him theron.
8 And many of the people spreed their garmentes in ye waye. Other cut doune braunches fro the trees and strawed them in the waye.
9 Moreover the people that went before and they also that came after cryed sayinge: Hosanna to ye sonne of David. Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lorde Hosanna in the hyest.
10 And when he was come in to Ierusalem all the cyte was moved sayinge: who is this?
11 And the people sayde: this is Iesus the Prophet of Nazareth a cyte of Galile.
12 And Iesus went in to the temple of God and cast out all them that soulde and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the mony chaugers and the seates of them that solde doves
13 and sayde to them: It is wrytten my housse shalbe called the housse of prayer. But ye have made it a denne of theves.
14 And the blinde and the halt came to him in ye teple and he healed the.
15 When the chefe prestes and scribes sawe the marveylles that he dyd and the chyldren cryinge in the teple and sayinge Hosanna to the sonne of David they disdayned
16 and sayde vnto him: hearest thou what these saye? Iesus sayde vnto them yee: have ye never redde of the mouth of babes and suckelinges thou haste ordeyned prayse?
17 And he lefte the and wet out of ye cite vnto Bethanie and had his abydige there.
18 In the mornynge as he returned in to the cyte ageyne he hungred
19 and spyed a fygge trre in the waye and came to it and founde nothinge theron but leves only and sayd to it never frute growe on the hence forwardes. And ano the fygge tree wyddered awaye.
20 And when his disciples sawe that they marveled sayinge: Howe sone is the fygge tree wyddered awaye?
21 Iesus answered and sayde vnto the: Verely I saye vnto you yf ye shall have faith and shall not dout ye shall not only do that which I have done to the fygge tree: but also yf ye shall saye vnto this moutayne take thy silfe awaye and cast thy silfe into the see it shalbe done.
22 And whatsoever ye shall axe in prayer (if ye beleve) ye shall receave it.
23 And when he was come into the teple the chefe prestes and the elders of the people came vnto him as he was teachinge and sayde: by what auctorite doest thou these thinges? and who gave the this power?
24 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them: I also will axe of you a certayne question which if ye assoyle me I in lyke wyse wyll tell you by what auctorite I do these thinges.
25 The baptime of Iohn: whence was it? fro heve or of men? Then they reasoned amoge them selves sayinge: yf we shall saye fro heven he will saye vnto vs: why dyd ye not then beleve hym?
26 But and if we shall saye of men then feare we the people. For all men helde Iohn as a Prophet.
27 And they answered Iesus and sayde: we cannot tell. And he lyke wyse sayd vnto them: nether tell I you by what auctorite I do these thinges.
28 What saye ye to this? A certayne man had two sonnes and came to ye elder and sayde: sonne go and worke to daye in my vineyarde.
29 He answered and sayde I will not: but afterwarde repented and went.
30 Then came he to the second and sayde lyke wyse. And he answered and sayde: I will syr: yet wet not.
31 Whether of the twayne dyd the will of the father? And they sayde vnto hym: the fyrst. Iesus sayde vnto the: verely I saye vnto you that the publicans and the harlotes shall come into ye kyngdome of God before you.
32 For Iohn came vnto you in the waye of rightewesnes and ye beleved hym not. But the publicans and the harlotes beleved him. And yet ye (though ye sawe it) were not yet moved with repentaunce that ye myght afterwarde have beleved hym.
33 Herken another similitude. Ther was a certayne housholder which planted a vineyarde and hedged it roude about and made a wynpresse in it and bilt a tower and let it out to husbandmen and wet in to a straunge coutre.
34 And when the tyme of the frute drewe neare he sent his servauntes to the husbandmen to receave the frutes of it.
35 And ye husbandme caught his servauntes and bet one kylled another and stoned another.
36 Agayne he sent other servantes moo then the fyrst: and they served them lyke wyse.
37 But last of all he sent vnto the his awne sonne sayinge: they will feare my sonne.
38 But when the husbandmen sawe the sonne they sayde amoge the selves: This is the heyre: come let vs kyll him and let vs take his inheritaunce to oure selves.
39 And they caught him and thrust him out of the vineyarde and slewe him.
40 When the lorde of the vyneyarde commeth what will he do wt those husbandme?
41 They sayde vnto him: he will cruellye destroye those evyll persons and wyll let out his vyneyarde vnto other husbandmen which shall delyver him the frute at tymes convenient
42 Iesus sayde vnto the: dyd ye never redde in the scriptures? The stone which ye bylders refused ye same is set in ye principall parte of ye corner: this was the lordes doinge and yt is mervelous in oure eyes.
43 Therfore saye I vnto you the kyngdome of God shalbe take from you and shalbe geve to the getyls which shall brynge forth the frutes of it.
44 And whosoever shall fall on this stone he shalbe broken but on whosoever it shall fall vpon it will grynde him to powder.
45 And when the chefe prestes and Pharises hearde these similitudes they perceaved yt he spake of the.
46 And they wet about to laye hondes on him but they feared ye people because they tooke him as a Prophet.

Chapter 22
1 And Iesus answered and spake vnto them agayne in similitudes sayinge.
2 The kingdome of heve is lyke vnto a certayne kynge which maryed his sonne
3 and sent forth his servantes to call them that were byd to the weddinge and they wolde not come.
4 Ageyne he sent forth other servauntes sayinge: Tell them which are bydden: beholde I have prepared my dynner myne oxen and my fatlinges are kylled and all thinges are redy come vnto the mariage.
5 But they made light of it and went their wayes: one to his ferme place another about his marchaundise
6 the remnaunt toke his seruantes and intreated them vngodly and slewe them.
7 When the kinge hearde that he was wroth and send forth his warryers and distroyed those murtherers and brent vp their cyte.
8 Then sayde he to his servauutes: the weddinge was prepared. But they which were bydden were not worthy.
9 Go ye therfore out into ye hyewayes and as many as ye finde byd them to the mariage.
10 The seruauntes wet out into the hiewayes and gaddered to gedder as many as they coulde fynde both good and bad and ye weddinge was furnysshed with gestes.
11 Then the kynge came in to viset the gestes and spyed there a ma which had not on a weddinge garment
12 and sayde vnto him: frende how fortuned it that thou camest in hither and hast not on a weddyng garment? And he was eve spechlesse.
13 Then sayde the kynge to his ministers: take and bynde hym hand and fote and caste hym into vtter darcknes there shalbe wepinge and gnasshinge of teth.
14 For many are called and feawe be chosen.
15 Then wet the Pharises and toke counsell how they might tagle him in his wordes.
16 And they sent vnto him their disciples with Herodes servauntes sayinge: Master we knowe yt thou are true and teachest the waye of god trulie nether carest for eny man for thou consydrest not menes estate.
17 Tell vs therfore: how thynkest thou? Is it lawfull to geve tribute vnto Cesar or not?
18 Iesus perceaved their wikednes and sayde: Why tempte ye me ye ypocrites?
19 Let me se ye tribute money. And they toke hym a peny.
20 And he sayde vnto them: whose is this ymage and superscripcion?
21 They sayde vnto him: Cesars. Then sayde he vnto them. Geve therfore to Cesar that which is Cesars: and geve vnto god that which is goddes.
22 When they hearde that they marveled and lefte hym and went there waye.
23 The same daye the Saduces came to him (which saye that there is no resurrcecion) and axed him
24 sayinge: Master Moses bade yf a man dye havinge no chyldre that the brother mary his wyfe and reyse vp seed vnto his brother.
25 Ther were wt vs seven brethre and the fyrste maried and deceased wt oute yssue and lefte his wyfe vnto his brother.
26 Lykewise the seconde and ye thryd vnto the sevethe.
27 Laste of all the woman dyed also.
28 Now in the resurreccion whose wyfe shall she be of the seven? For all had her.
29 Iesus answered and sayde vnto the: ye are deceaved and vnderstonde not the scriptures nor yet the power of God.
30 For in the resurreccion they nether mary nor are maryed: but are as the angels of God in heven.
31 As touchynge the resurreccion of the deed: have ye not redde what is sayde vnto you of God which sayeth:
32 I am Abrahams God and Ysaacks God and the God of Iacob? God is not the God of the deed: but of the lyvinge.
33 And when the people hearde that they were astonyed at his doctrine.
34 When the Pharises had hearde how yt he had put the Saduces to silence they drewe to gedder
35 and one of them which was a doctoure of lawe axed a question teptinge h m and sayinge:
36 Master which is ye chefe comaundment in the lawe?
37 Iesus sayde vnto him: love the Lorde thy God wt all thine herte with all thy soule and with all thy mynde.
38 This is the fyrst and the chefe comaundement.
39 And ther is another lyke vnto this. Love thyne neghbour as thy selfe.
40 In these two commaundemetes hange all the lawe and the Prophetes.
41 Whyll the Pharises were gaddered togeder Iesus axed
42 the sayinge: what thinke ye of Christ? Whose sonne is he? They sayde vnto him: the sonne of David.
43 He sayde vnto the: how then doeth David in spirite call him Lorde sayinge?
44 The Lorde sayde to my Lorde syt on my right honde: tyll I make thyne enemyes thy fote stole.
45 Yf David call him Lorde: how is he then his sonne?
46 And none coulde answere him ageyne one worde: nether dueste eny from that daye forth axe him eny moo questions.

Chapter 23
1 Then spake Iesus to the people and to his disciples
2 sayinge. The Scribes and the Pharises sit in Moses seate.
3 All therfore whatsoever they byd you observe that observe and do: but after their workes do not:
4 For they saye and do not. Ye and they bynde hevy burthes and grevous to be borne and ley the on menes shulders: but they themsylfes will not heave at them with one of their fyngers.
5 All their workes they do for to be sene of me. They set abroade their philateries and make large borders on there garmetes
6 and love to sit vppermooste at feastes and to have the chefe seates in the synagoges
7 and gretinges in the marketes and to be called of men Rabi.
8 But ye shall not suffre youre selves to be called Rabi. For one is youre master that is to wyt Christ and all ye are brethre.
9 And call no man youre father vpon the erth for there is but one youre father and he is in heven.
10 Be not called masters for there is but one youre master and he is Christ.
11 He that is greatest amoge you shalbe youre seruaunte.
12 But whosoever exalteth himsilfe shalbe brought lowe. And he yt hubleth himsilfe shalbe exalted.
13 Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites for ye shutte vp the kyngdome of heve before men: ye youre selves goo not in nether suffre ye them that come to enter in.
14 Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites: ye devoure widdowes houses and that vnder a coloure of praying longe prayers: wherfore ye shall receave greater damnacion.
15 Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites which compasse see and londe to bringe one in to youre belefe: and when he ys brought ye make him two folde more the chylde of hell then ye youre selves are.
16 Wo be vnto you blynd gides which saye whosoever sweare by the teple it is no thinge: but whosoever sweare by the golde of the temple he offendeth.
17 Ye foles and blinde? whether is greater the golde or the teple that sanctifieth ye golde.
18 And whosoever sweareth by the aulter it is nothinge: but whosoever sweareth by ye offeringe yt lyeth on ye aultre offendeth.
19 Ye foles and blinde: whether is greater ye offeringe or ye aultre which sanctifieth ye offeringe?
20 Whosoever therfore sweareth by ye aultre sweareth by it and by all yt there on is.
21 And whosoever sweareth by the teple sweareth by it and by hym yt dwelleth therin.
22 And he that sweareth by heve swereth by the seate of God and by hym that sytteth theron.
23 Wo be to you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites which tythe mynt annyse and comen and leave the waygthtyer mattres of ye lawe vndone: iudgemet mercy and fayth. These ought ye to have done and not to have left the othre vndone.
24 Ye blinde gydes which strayne out a gnat and swalowe a cammyll.
25 Wo be to you scribes and pharises ypocrites which make clene ye vtter syde of the cuppe and of the platter: but within they are full of brybery and excesse.
26 Thou blinde Pharise clense fyrst the outsyde of the cup and platter that the ynneside of them maye be clene also.
27 Wo be to you Scribe and Pharises ypocrite for ye are lyke vnto paynted tombes which appere beautyfull outwarde: but are wt in full of deed bones and of all fylthynes.
28 So are ye for outwarde ye appere righteous vnto me when within ye are full of ypocrisie and iniquite.
29 Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites: ye bylde the tombes of the Prophetes and garnisshe the sepulchres of the righteous
30 and saye: Yf we had bene in the dayes of oure fathers we wolde not have bene parteners with them in the bloud of the Prophetes.
31 So then ye be witnesses vnto youre selfes that ye are the chyldren of them which killed the prophetes.
32 Fulfill ye lyke wyse the measure of youre fathers.
33 Yee serpentes and generacion of vipers how shuld ye scape ye dapnacio of hell?
34 Wherfore beholde I sende vnto you prophetes wyse men and scribes and of the ye shall kyll and crucifie: and of the ye shall scourge in youre synagoges and persecute from cyte to cyte
35 that vpon you maye come all the righteous bloude that was sheed vpon the erth fro the bloud of righteous Abell vnto ye bloud of zacharias the sonne of Barachias who ye slewe betwene the teple and ye altre.
36 Verely I say vnto you all these thinges shall light vpon this generacion.
37 Hierusalem hierusalem which kyllest prophetes and stonest the which are sent to the: how often wolde I have gadered thy chyldren to gether as the henne gadreth her chickes vnder her winges but ye wolde not:
38 Beholde youre habitacio shalbe lefte vnto you desolate.
39 For I saye to you ye shall not se me heceforthe tyll that ye saye: blessed is he that cometh in the name of ye Lorde.

Chapter 24
1 And Iesus went out and departed fro the teple: and his disciples came to hym for to shewe him the byldinge of the teple.
2 Iesus sayde vnto the: se ye not all these thinges? Verely I saye vnto you: ther shall not be here lefte one stone vpon another that shall not be cast doune.
3 And as he sat vpon the mout Olivete his disciples came vnto hym secretely sayinge. Tell vs when these thinges shalbe? And what signe shalbe of thy comynge and of the ende of the worlde?
4 And Iesus answered and sayde vnto them: take hede that no ma deceave you.
5 For many shall come in my name sayinge: I am Christ and shall deceave many.
6 Ye shall heare of warres and of the fame of warres: but se yt ye be not troubled. For all these thinges must come to passe but the ende is not yet.
7 For nacio shall ryse ageynste nacio and realme ageynste realme: and ther shalbe pestilence honger and erthquakes in all quarters.
8 All these are the beginninge of sorowes.
9 Then shall they put you to trouble and shall kyll you: and ye shalbe hated of all nacions for my names sake.
10 And then shall many be offended and shall betraye one another and shall hate one the other.
11 And many falce Prophetes shall aryse and shall deceave many.
12 And because iniquite shall have the vpper hande the love of many shall abate.
13 But he that endureth to the ende the same shalbe safe.
14 And this gladtidingees of the kyngdome shalbe preached in all the worlde for a witnes vnto all nacions: and then shall the ende come.
15 When ye therfore shall se ye abhominacio that betokeneth desolacion spoken of by Daniell the Prophet stonde in ye holy place: let him that redeth it vnderstonde it.
16 Then let them which be in Iury flye into the moutaynes.
17 And let him which is on ye housse toppe not come downe to fet eny thinge out of his housse.
18 Nether let him which is in ye felde returne backe to fetche his clothes.
19 Wo be in those dayes to the that are wt chylde and to the yt geve sucke.
20 But praye yt youre flight be not in ye winter nether on ye saboth daye.
21 For then shalbe greate tribulacio suche as was not fro the beginninge of the worlde to this tyme ner shalbe.
22 Ye and except those dayes shuld be shortened there shuld no fleshe be saved: but for ye chosens sake those dayes shalbe shortened.
23 Then yf eny ma shall saye vnto you: lo here is Christ or there is Christ: beleve it not.
24 For there shall arise false christes and false prophete and shall do great myracles and wondres. In so moche yt if it were possible ye verie electe shuld be deceaved.
25 Take hede I have tolde you before.
26 Wherfore if they shall saye vnto you: beholde he is in ye desert go not forth: beholde he is in ye secret places beleve not.
27 For as ye lightninge cometh out of ye eest and shyneth vnto the weest: so shall the comynge of the sonne of ma be.
28 For wheresoever a deed karkas is eve thyther will the egles resorte.
29 Immediatly after the tribulacios of those dayes shall the sunne be derkened: and ye mone shall not geve hir light and the starre shall fall from heve and the powers of heve shall move.
30 And then shall appere the sygne of the sonne of man in heven. And then shall all the kynreddes of the erth morne and they shall se the sonne of man come in the cloudes of heven with power and greate glorie.
31 And he shall sende his angeles with the greate voyce of a trope and they shall gader to gether his chosen from the fower wyndes and from the one ende of the worlde to the other.
32 Learne, a similitude of the fygge tree: when his braunches are yet tender and his leves sproge ye knowe that sommer is nye.
33 So lyke wyse ye when ye see all these thynges be ye sure that it is neare even at the dores.
34 Verely I saye vnto you that this generacion shall not passe tyll all these be fulfilled.
35 Heven and erth shall perisshe: but my wordes shall abyde.
36 But of that daye and houre knowith no man no not ye angels of heve but my father only.
37 As the tyme of Noe was so lyke wyse shall the cominge of ye sonne of man be.
38 For as in ye dayes before ye floud: they dyd eate and drynke mary and were maried eve vnto ye daye that Noe entred into the shyppe
39 and knewe of nothynge tyll the floude came and toke them all awaye. So shall also the commynge of the sonne of man be.
40 Then two shalbe in the feldes the one shalbe receaved and the other shalbe refused
41 two shalbe gryndinge at ye myll: ye oue shalbe receaved and ye other shalbe refused.
42 Wake therfore because ye knowe not what houre youre master wyll come.
43 Of this be sure that yf the good man of the housse knewe what houre the thefe wolde come: he wolde suerly watche and not suffre his housse to be broke vppe.
44 Therfore be ye also redy for in ye houre ye thinke he wolde not: wyll the sonne of ma come.
45 If there be any faithfull servaut and wyse whome his master hath made ruler over his housholde to geve the meate in season covenient:
46 happy is that servaunt whom his master (when he cometh) shall finde so doinge.
47 Verely I saye vnto you he shall make him ruler over all his goodes.
48 But and yf that evill servaut shall saye in his herte my master wyll defer his comynge
49 and beginne to smyte his felowes ye and to eate and to drinke with the dronke:
50 that servauntes master wyll come in adaye when he loketh not for him and in an houre yt he is not ware of
51 and wyll devyde him and geve him his rewarde with ypocrites. There shalbe wepinge and gnasshinge of tethe.

Chapter 25
1 Then ye kyngdome of heven shalbe lykened vnto .x. virgins which toke their lampes and wet to mete the brydgrome:
2 fyve of them were folysshe and fyve were wyse.
3 The folysshe toke their lampes but toke none oyle wt the.
4 But ye wyse tooke oyle wt the in their vesselles wt their lampes also.
5 Whill the brydgrome taryed all slombred and slepte.
6 And even at mydnyght there was a crye made: beholde the brydgrome cometh goo out against him.
7 Then all those virgins arose and prepared their lampes.
8 And ye folysshe sayde to ye wyse: geve vs of youre oyle for our lampes goo out?
9 but ye wyse answered sayinge. Not so lest ther be not ynough for vs and you: but goo rather to them yt sell and by for youre selves.
10 And whill they went to bye ye brydgrome came: and they yt were redy went in with him to ye weddinge and the gate was shett vp:
11 Afterwardes came also ye other virgins sayinge: master master open to vs.
12 But he answered and sayde: verely I saye vnto you: I knowe not you.
13 Watche therefore: for ye knowe nether the daye nor yet the houre when the sonne of man shall come.
14 Lykwyse as a certeyne ma redy to take his iorney to a straunge coutre called his servautes and delivered to them his gooddes.
15 And vnto one he gave .v. talentes to another .ii. and to another one: to every man after his abilite and streyght waye departed.
16 Then he that had receaved the fyve talentes went and bestowed them and wanne other fyve talentes.
17 Lykwyse he that receaved .ii. gayned other .ii.
18 But he yt receaved ye one went and digged a pit in the erth and hyd his masters money.
19 After a longe season ye lorde of those servauntes came and rekened with the.
20 Then came he yt had receaved fyve talentes and brought other fyve talentes sayinge: master thou deliveredst vnto one fyve talentes: beholde I have gayned wt the fyve talentes moo.
21 The his master sayde vnto him: well good servaut and faithfull. Thou hast bene faithfull in lytell I will make the ruler over moche: entre in into thy masters ioye.
22 Also he that receaved .ii. talentes came and sayde: master thou deliveredest vnto me .ii. talentes: beholde I have wone .ii. other talentes with them.
23 And his master sayde vnto him well good servaunt and faithfull. Thou hast bene faithfull in lytell I wyll make the ruler over moche: go in into thy masters ioye.
24 Then he which had receaved ye one talent came and sayd: master I considered yt thou wast an harde man which repest where thou sowedst not and gadderest where thou strawedst not
25 and was therfore afrayde and went and hyd thy talent in ye erth: Beholde thou hast thyn awne.
26 His master answered and sayde vnto him: thou evyll servaut and slewthfull thou knewest yt I repe where I sowed not and gaddre where I strawed not:
27 thou oughtest therfore to have had my money to ye chaugers and then at my comynge shulde I have receaved myne awne with vauntage.
28 Take therfore the talent from him and geve it vnto him which hath .x. talentes.
29 For vnto every man that hath shalbe geven and he shall have aboundance: and from him that hath not shalbe taken awaye even that he hath.
30 And cast yt vnprofitable servaunt into vtter dercknes: there shalbe wepynge and gnasshinge of teeth.
31 When the sonne of ma cometh in his glorie and all the holy angels wt him then shall he syt vpon the seate of his glorie
32 and before him shalbe Gaddred all nacions. And he shall seperate the one from a nother as a shepherde deuideth the shepe from the gootes.
33 And he shall set the shepe on his right honde and the gotes on the lyfte.
34 Then shall the kynge saye to them on his right honde: Come ye blessed chyldren of my father inheret ye the kyngdo prepared for you from the beginninge of the worlde.
35 For I was anhongred and ye gave me meate. I thursted and ye gave me drinke. I was herbourlesse and ye lodged me.
36 I was naked and ye clothed me. I was sicke and ye visited me. I was in preson and ye came vnto me.
37 Then shall ye righteous answere him sayinge master whe sawe we ye anhongred and feed the? or a thurst and gave ye drinke?
38 when sawe we ye herbourlesse and lodged the? or naked and clothed the?
39 or when sawe we the sicke or in preson and came vnto the?
40 And ye kynge shall answere and saye vnto them: verely I saye vnto you: in as moche as ye have done it vnto one of ye leest of these my brethren ye have done it to me.
41 Then shall the kynge saye vnto them that shalbe on the lyfte hande: departe from me ye coursed into everlastinge fire which is prepared for the devyll and his angels.
42 For I was an hungred and ye gave me no meate. I thursted and ye gave me no drinke.
43 I was herbourlesse and ye lodged me not. I was naked and ye clothed me not. I was sicke and in preson and ye visited me not.
44 Then shall they also answere him sayinge: master when sawe we the an hungred or a thurst or herbourlesse or naked or sicke or in preson and did not ministre vnto the?
45 Then shall he answere the and saye: Verely I saye vnto you in as moche as ye did it not to one of ye leest of these ye did it not to me.
46 And these shall go into everlastinge payne: And the righteous into lyfe eternall.

Chapter 26
1 And it came to passe when Iesus had fynisshed all these sayinges he sayd vnto his disciples:
2 Ye knowe that after ii. dayes shalbe ester and the sonne of man shalbe delyvered to be crucified.
3 Then assembled togedder the chefe prestes and the scribes and the elders of the people to the palice of the hye preste called Cayphas
4 and heelde a counsell how they mygt take Iesus by suttelte and kyll him.
5 But they sayd not on the holy daye lest eny vproure aryse amonge the people.
6 When Iesus was in Bethany in the house of Symon the leper
7 ther came vnto him a woman which had an alablaster boxe of precious oyntment and powred it on his heed as he sate at the bourde.
8 When his disciples sawe that they had indignacion sayinge: what neded this wast?
9 This oyntmet myght have bene well solde and geven to the povre.
10 When Iesus vnderstod that he sayde vnto the: why trouble ye the woman? She hath wrought a good worke apon me.
11 For ye shall have povre folcke alwayes with you: but me shall ye not have all wayes.
12 And in yt she casted this oyntment on my bodye she dyd it to burye me wt all.
13 Verely I saye vnto you wheresoever this gospell shalbe preached throughoute all the worlde there shall also this that she hath done be tolde for a memoriall of her.
14 Then one of the twelve called Iudas Iscarioth went vnto the chefe prestes
15 and sayd: what will ye geve me and I will deliver him vnto you? And they apoynted vnto him thirty peces of sylver.
16 And from that tyme he sought oportunite to betraye him.
17 The fyrst daye of swete breed ye disciples cam to Iesus sayinge vnto him: where wylt thou that we prepare for ye to eate ye paschall lambe?
18 And he sayd: Go into the cite vnto soche a man and saye to him: the master sayeth my tyme is at hande I will kepe myne ester at thy housse with my disciples.
19 And the disciples did as Iesus had apoynted them and made redy the esterlambe.
20 When the even was come he sate doune wt the .xii.
21 And as they dyd eate he sayde: Verely I saye vnto you that one of you shall betraye me.
22 And they were excedinge sorowfull and beganne every one of the to saye vnto him: is it I master?
23 He answered and sayde: he yt deppeth his honde wt me in ye disshe the same shall betraye me.
24 The sonne of ma goeth as it is written of him: but wo be to yt ma by whom ye sonne of man shalbe betrayed. It had bene good for that man yf he had never bene borne.
25 Then Iudas wich betrayed him answered and sayde: is it I master? He sayde vnto him: thou hast sayde.
26 As they dyd eate Iesus toke breed and gave thankes brake it and gave it to the disciples and sayde: Take eate this is my body.
27 And he toke the cup and thanked and gave it them sayinge: drinke of it every one.
28 For this is my bloude of the new testament that shalbe shedde for many for the remission of synnes.
29 I saye vnto you: I will not drinke hence forth of this frute of the vyne tree vntyll that daye when I shall drinke it new with you in my fathers kyngdome.
30 And when they had sayde grace they went out into mounte olyvete.
31 Then sayd Iesus vnto them: all ye shall be offended by me this night. For it is wrytten. I will smyte ye shepe herde and the shepe of ye flocke shalbe scattered abroode.
32 But after I am rysen ageyne I will goo before you into Galile.
33 Peter answered and sayde vnto him: though all men shulde be offended by ye yet wolde I never be offended.
34 Iesus sayde vnto him. Verely I saye vnto ye that this same night before the cocke crowe thou shalt denye me thryse.
35 Peter sayde vnto him: Yf I shulde dye with ye yet wolde I not denye ye Lyke wyse also sayde all ye disciples.
36 Then went Iesus with them into a place which is called Gethsemane and sayde vnto the disciples syt ye here whyll I go and praye yonder.
37 And he toke with him Peter and the two sonnes of zebede and began to wexe sorowfull and to be in an agonye.
38 Then sayd Iesus vnto them: my soule is hevy even vnto the deeth. Tary ye here and watche wt me.
39 And he went a lytell aparte and fell flat on his face and prayed sayinge: O my father yf it be possible let this cuppe passe from me: neverthelesse not as I wyll but as thou wylt.
40 And he came vnto the disciples and founde them a slepe and sayde to Peter: what coulde ye not watche with me one houre:
41 watche and praye that ye fall not into temptacion. The spirite is willynge but the flesshe is weake.
42 He went awaye once moare and prayed sayinge: O my father yf this cuppe can not passe away from me but yt I drinke of it thy wyll be fulfylled.
43 And he came and founde the a slepe agayne. For their eyes were hevy.
44 And he lefte them and went agayne and prayed ye thrid tyme sayinge ye same wordes.
45 Then came he to his disciples and sayd vnto them: Slepe hence forth and take youre reest. Take hede the houre is at honde and ye sonne of man shalbe betrayed into ye hondes of synners.
46 Ryse let vs be goinge: beholde he is at honde yt shall betraye me.
47 Whyll he yet spake: lo Iudas one of ye xii. came and wt him a greate multitude wt sweardes and staves sent from the chefe prestes and elders of the people.
48 And he that betrayed him had geven the a token sayinge: whosoever I kysse yt same is he ley hondes on him.
49 And forth wt all he came to Iesus and sayde: hayle master and kyssed him.
50 And Iesus sayde vnto him: frende wherfore arte thou come? Then came they and layed hondes on Iesus and toke him.
51 And beholde one of them which were with Iesus stretched oute his honde and drue his swearde and stroke a servaunt of the hye preste and smote of his eare.
52 Then sayde Iesus vnto him: put vp thy swearde into his sheathe. For all that ley hond on ye swearde shall perisshe with ye swearde.
53 Ether thinkest thou that I cannot now praye to my father and he shall geve me moo then .xii. legions of angelles?
54 But how then shuld the scriptures be fulfylled: for so must it be.
55 The same tyme sayd Iesus to the multitude: ye be come out as it were vnto a thefe with sweardes and staves for to take me. I sate daylie teachinge in the temple amoge you and ye toke me not.
56 All this was done that the scriptures of the Prophetes myght be fulfilled.
57 Then all the disciples forsoke him and fleed. And they toke Iesus and leed him to Cayphas the hye preeste where the Scribes and the Elders where assembled.
58 And Peter folowed him a farre of vnto the hye prestes place: and went in and sate with the servauntes to se the ende.
59 The chefe prestes and the elders and all the counsell sought false witnes agenste Iesus for to put him to deeth
60 but founde none: in somoche that when many false witnesses cam yet founde they none. At the last came two false witnesses
61 and sayd: This felowe sayde: I can distroye the temple of God and bylde it agayne in .iii. dayes.
62 And the chefe preste arose and sayde to him: answerest thou nothinge? How is it yt these beare witnes ageynst the?
63 But Iesus helde his peace: And the chefe Preeste answered and sayd to him: I charge the in the name of the lyvinge God that thou tell vs whether thou be Christ the sonne of God.
64 Iesus sayd to him: thou haste sayd. Neverthelesse I saye vnto you hereafter shall ye se the sonne of ma syttinge on the right honde of power and come in the clowddes of the skye.
65 Then the hye preste rent his clothes sayinge: He hath blasphemed: what nede we of eny moo witnesses? Behold now ye have hearde his blasphemy:
66 what thinke ye? They answered and sayd: he his worthy to dye.
67 Then spat they in his face and boffeted him with fistes. And other smote him with the palme af their hondes
68 on ye face sayinge: tell vs thou Christ who is he that smote the?
69 Peter sate with out in the palice. And a damsell came to him sayinge: Thou also waste wt Iesus of Galilee:
70 but he denyed before the all sayinge: I woot not what thou sayst.
71 When he was goone out into the poorche another wenche sawe him and sayde vnto them that were there: This felowe was also with Iesus of Nazareth.
72 And agayne he denyed with an oothe that he knew the man.
73 And after a whyle came vnto him they yt stode bye and sayde vnto Peter: suerly thou arte even one of the for thy speache bewreyeth ye.
74 Then beganne he to course and to sweare that he knewe not the man. And immedyatly the cocke krewe.
75 And Peter remembred the wordes of Iesu which sayde vnto him: before the cocke crowe thou shalt deny me thryse: and went out at the dores and wepte bitterly.

Chapter 27
1 When the mornynge was come all ye chefe prestes and the elders of ye people helde a counsayle agenst Iesu to put him to deeth
2 and brought him bounde and delivered him vnto Poncius Pilate the debite.
3 Then when Iudas which betrayed him sawe that he was condempned he repented him sylfe and brought ageyne the .xxx. plattes of sylver to ye chefe prestes and elders
4 sayinge: I have synned betrayinge the innocent bloud. And they sayde: what is that to vs? Se thou to that.
5 And he cast doune the sylver plattes in the temple and departed and went and hounge him sylfe.
6 And the chefe prestes toke the sylver plattes and sayd: it is not lawfull for to put them in to the treasury because it is the pryce of bloud.
7 And they toke counsell and bought with them a potters felde to bury strangers in.
8 Wherfore that felde is called the felde of bloud vntyll this daye.
9 Then was fulfylled that which was spoken by Ieremy the Prophet sayinge: and they toke .xxx. sylver plattes the prise of him that was valued whom they bought of the chyldren of Israel
10 and they gave them for the potters felde as the Lorde appoynted me.
11 Iesus stode before the debite: and the debite axed him sayinge: Arte thou the kynge of ye Iues? Iesus sayd vnto him: Thou sayest
12 and when he was accused of ye chefe prestes and elders he answered nothinge.
13 Then sayd Pilate vnto him: hearest thou not how many thinges they laye ageynste ye?
14 And he answered him to never a worde: in so moche that the debite marveylled greatlie.
15 At that feest the debite was wonte to deliver vnto ye people a presoner whom they wolde desyer.
16 He had then a notable presoner called Barrabas.
17 And when they were gadered together Pilate sayde vnto the: whether wyll ye that I geve losse vnto you Barrabas or Iesus which is called Christ?
18 For he knewe well that for envie they had delivred him.
19 When he was set doune to geve iudgemet his wyfe sent to him sayinge: have thou nothinge to do with that iuste man. For I have suffered many thinges this daye in a dreame about him.
20 But the chefe preestes and the elders had parswaded the people that they shulde axe Barrabas and shulde destroye Iesus.
21 Then the debite answered and sayde vnto them: whether of the twayne wyll ye that I let loosse vnto you? And they sayde Barrabas.
22 Pilate sayde vnto them: what shall I do then with Iesus which is called Christ? They all sayde to him: let him be crucified.
23 Then sayde the debite: what evyll hath he done? And they cryed the more sayinge: let him be crucified.
24 When Pilate sawe that he prevayled nothinge but that moare busines was made he toke water and wasshed his hondes before ye people sayinge: I am innocent of the bloud of this iuste person and that ye shall se.
25 Then answered all the people and sayde: his bloud be on vs and on oure chyldren.
26 Then let he Barrabas loose vnto them and scourged Iesus and delivered him to be crucified.
27 Then the soudeours of the debite toke Iesus vnto the comen hall and gaddered vnto him all the company.
28 And they stripped him and put on him a purpyll roobe
29 and platted a croune of thornes and put vpon his heed and a rede in his ryght honde: and bowed their knees before him and mocked him saying: hayle kinge of the Iewes:
30 and spitted vpon him and toke the rede and smoote him on the heed.
31 And when they had mocked him they toke the robe of him ageyne and put his awne reymet on him and leed him awaye to crucify him.
32 And as they came out they fonnde a man of Cyren named Simon: him they compelled to beare his crosse.
33 And whe they cam vnto ye place called Golgotha (that is to saye a place of deed mens sculles)
34 they gave him veneger to drinke mengled with gall. And when he had tasted therof he wolde not drinke.
35 When they had crucified him they parted his garmentes and did cast lottes: to fulfyll that was spoken by the prophet. They deuyded my garmetes amonge them: and apon my vesture did cast loottes.
36 And they sate and watched him there.
37 And they set vp over his heed the cause of his deeth written. This is Iesus the kynge of the Iewes.
38 And ther were two theves crucified with him one on ye right honde and another on the lyfte.
39 They that passed by revyled him waggynge ther heeddes
40 and sayinge: Thou that destroyest the temple of God and byldest it in thre dayes save thy sylfe. If thou be ye sonne of God come doune from the crosse.
41 Lykwyse also the hye prestes mockinge him with the scribes aud elders sayde:
42 He saved other him sylfe he can not save. If he be ye kynge of Israel: let him now come doune from the crosse and we will beleve him.
43 He trusted in God let him deliver him now yf he will have him: for he sayde I am the sonne of God.
44 That same also the theves which were crucified with him cast in his tethe.
45 From the sixte houre was there dercknes over all the londe vnto the nynth houre.
46 And about ye nynth houre Iesus cryed with a loude voyce sayinge: Eli Eli lama asbathani. That is to saye my God my God why hast thou forsaken me?
47 Some of them that stode there when they herde that sayde: This man calleth for Helyas.
48 And streyght waye one of them ranne and toke a sponge and filled it full of veneger and put it on a rede and gave him to drinke.
49 Other sayde let be: let vs se whyther Helyas will come and deliver him.
50 Iesus cryed agayne with a lowde voyce and yelded vp the goost.
51 And beholde the vayle of the temple dyd rent in twayne from ye toppe to the bottome and the erth dyd quake and the stones dyd rent
52 and graves dyd open: and the bodies of many sainctes which slept arose
53 and came out of ye graves after his resurreccion and came into the holy cite and appered vnto many.
54 When the Centurion and they that were with him watchinge Iesus sawe ye erth quake and those thinges which hapened they feared greatly sayinge. Of a surete this was the sonne of God.
55 And many wemen were there beholdinge him a farre of which folowed Iesus fro Galile ministringe vnto him.
56 Amonge which was Mary Magdalen and Mary the mother of Iames and Ioses and ye mother of zebedes chyldren.
57 When the even was come there came a ryche man of Aramathia named Ioseph which same also was Iesus disciple.
58 He went to Pilate and begged the body of Iesus. Then Pilate commaunded the body to be delivered.
59 And Ioseph toke the body and wrapped it in a clene lynnyn clooth
60 and put it in his newe tombe which he had hewen out even in the roke and rolled a greate stone to the dore of ye sepulcre and departed.
61 And there was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary sittynge over ageynste the sepulcre.
62 The nexte daye that foloweth good frydaye the hye prestes and pharises got them selves to Pilate
63 and sayde: Syr we remember yt this deceaver sayde whyll he was yet alyve After thre dayes I will aryse agayne.
64 Commaunde therfore that the sepulcre be made sure vntyll ye thyrd daye lest paraventure his disciples come and steale him awaye and saye vnto the people he is rysen from deeth and the laste erroure be worsse then the fyrst.
65 Pilate sayde vnto them. Take watche men: Go and make it as sure as ye can.
66 And they went and made the sepulcre sure with watche men and sealed the stone.

Chapter 28
1 The Sabboth daye at even which dauneth the morowe after the Sabboth Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to se the sepulcre.
2 And beholde ther was a greate erth quake. For the angell of ye lorde descended from heven: and came and rowlled backe the stone from the dore and sate apon it.
3 His countenaunce was lyke lyghtnynge and his raymet whyte as snowe.
4 And for feare of him the kepers were astunnyed and became as deed men.
5 The angell answered and sayde to the wemen feare ye not. I knowe yt ye seke Iesus which was crucified:
6 he is not here: he is rysen as he sayde. Come and se the place where the lorde was put:
7 and goo quickly and tell his disciples yt he is rysen from deeth. And beholde he will go before you into Galile there ye shall se him. Lo I have tolde you.
8 And they departed quickly from the sepulcre with feare and greate Ioye: and did runne to bringe his disciples worde.
9 And as they went to tell his disciples: beholde Iesus met them sayinge: All hayle. And they came and held him by the fete and worshipped him.
10 The sayde Iesus vnto them: be not afrayde. Go and tell my brethren that they goo in to Galile and there shall they se me.
11 When they were gone: beholde some of the kepers came into the cyte and shewed vnto the hie prestes all the thinges that were hapened.
12 And they gaddered them to gedder with the elders and toke counsell and gave large money vnto the soudiers
13 sayinge: Saye that his disciples came by nyght and stole him awaye whill ye slept.
14 And if this come to the rulers cares we wyll pease him and save you harmeles.
15 And they toke the money and dyd as they were taught. And this sayinge is noysed amoge the Iewes vnto this daye.
16 Then the .xi. disciples went awaye into Galile in to a mountayne where Iesus had appoynted them.
17 And when they sawe hym they worshipped him. But some of them douted.
18 And Iesus came and spake vnto them sayinge: All power ys geve vnto me in heve and in erth.
19 Go therfore and teache all nacions baptysinge them in the name of the father and the sonne and the holy goost:
20 Teachinge them to observe all thynges what soever I comcommaunded you. And lo I am with you all waye even vntyll the ende of the worlde.